Sliders and Sneakers

Scot Drucker here of the Toledo Mudhens, the AAA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. I will be  blogging during the season about the games, bad calls on the field, long moon shots hit by our talented prospects, and other random locker room talk. Feel free to email questions or leave comments so I can respond. I have seen a lot in my 7 year career and am well seasoned. 2 High schools, 2 Colleges (UF and UT), 2 Pro Teams (Oakland and Detroit), and 1 Independent ball team (Grand Prairie).

Spring is here, but the frigid cold of winter is still lurking in the International League west division. Pitchers are complaining its too cold and can’t get loose, hitters are saying their hands hurt and their timings off. I’m the South Floridian always sitting by the jet heaters if its under seventy degrees. Soon enough in June someone will be complaining about the heat. Lets just play ball! The first twenty games are in the books, as your “world famous” Toledo Mudhens are tied for first place. Although as every ballplayer has heard in the past from their coaches “its not how you start its how you finish”. We have a long season ahead of us with a plethora of talent and just need to keep grinding at it.

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