Pimping on the baseball field

It may be a key strikeout, double play, or the token long ball that make players show a little extra swag on the field. From a fist pump, to a bat flip, to trash talking. In the heat of the moment emotions take over some players, yet some are stoic and you never know what to expect from them.

The talk in the outfield during BP this week was about the “right” to pimp a home run. From my experiences when I give them up I tend to admire them with the hitter because of the poor pitch I made (or I watch to hope the balls happens to hit a bird or the top of the wall to stay in play). Many managers and players use the line “if your going to give them up, make them be no doubters”. I know many pitchers take offense to batters “showing them up” by standing in the box and watching their long ball. Some just turn the other cheek and get back to work on the next hitter. Some will even make it a scene by drilling or moving the hitter their next at bat. If a nine hole hitter hits his first home run in three seasons, he shouldn’t stay in the box and gaze at it. If he does I’m sure someone from our dugout will chirp at him to start running. The worst part other than given up the dinger is a certain group of umpires that don’t give you a new ball until the hitter crosses home plate. Not too sure what the reasoning is behind that.

Pitchers are a different breed out there. We work pitch by pitch to try to get hitters out. Changing eye levels, moving feet, and throwing the nastiest stuff in our arsenal. We have our own island that is raised to stand on above everyone else on the field. Pitchers show emotions by starring down hitters they strike out. Others have a Jose Lima bravado and dance or bow their chest in big game situations. We are all different, that is why we stretch separately from the position players and have a bullpen to clown around with for three hours a day.

We have two more games versus Charlotte at home then a well deserved day off for the team. Go Hens!


  1. bensimon14@gmail.com


    Love the blog. Remind me when you’re coming to Pawtucket so I can watch you give up towering missiles in person.

    Best of luck this year, buddy.

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