Who has ever gotten hurt in a water balloon fight?

So the long road trip started up in Norfolk, Virgina. Nothing like a 7am flight after Cinco de Mayo and play the same day. Four days in Norfolk went by fairly quickly. We went 1-3 there; one of the games being a walk off homer in extra innings.

Off to Durham for a four game stand. We opened up in Durham for a very special and historic game at the original Durham Bulls field. Many fans packed the stands that only held about 200 and the rest made makeshift seats on the grass around the park. Due to the lack of lights, pick up trucks with large lighting cranes attached were brought in to help with the lighting. We got to wear throwback jerseys which were later auctioned off to support local charities. During the game our dugout along with the bullpen mocked Wool E Bully by tossing seeds and water on him. Mind you this is normal mascot torture from the opposing team. He must have not taken it well as word around Durham spread that he wanted to retaliate. The Mudhens wanted to prepare for it so we “found” water balloons to be thrown at Wool E Bully during his entrance. Things didn’t go all as planned. The thrown balloons worked and the crowd loved it. Unfortunately when the mascot tried to pick one up and fire it back at us, he slipped and injured himself. We are hoping that we can get the footage on ESPN’s “Not Top Ten”. There is an article from the game in the link below.

This past week was hectic as we arrived back in T-town for the Crystal Bowersox melee.  She is one of the finalists for American Idol. There were parades, special appearances and of course the first pitch and national anthem at our field. So many fans came out in support which was pretty fun to see at Fifth Third Field. Along with that we had two student field trip days at the park. Nothing beats two 10:30am games in between a night game and hearing Miley Cyrus being sung at one million decibels. All in all it actually was a good time, because we got to interact with the kids and they are great fans.

Sorry for the delay in blogging. Computer was down for a couple days. Please feel free to comment or ask me anything to write about in upcoming blogs. 


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