Random thoughts

1st pitch home runs stink! Especially when you haven’t seen the mound in 7 days, because our staff has been dealing. Lost last night 3-2 in Syracuse. We face Strasburg Monday.

Just finished reading The Bullpen
Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran
by Dirk Hayhurst. Great book and gives a very true and detailed behind the scenes look at minor league ball. 

Ruddy Lugo is back in the rotation. He took a line drive off his head 3 weeks ago.

Shoe of the Day worn to the field: Nike Air Max Piano


  1. cffanclub

    Hi Scott,

    I would like your opinion on catchers tipping pitches. It was like Buffalo knew what pitches were coming yesterday. So I watched more carefully, and other games on tape. Catcher touches ground with glove or hand, fastball. If not, off speed pitch. Take a look and tell me what you think after looking at films and game. Just want you and the Hens to be successful. Mr Fan

  2. betoaragua

    Hi Scott,

    I find with shock that when Miguel Cabrera blasted 3 home runs, but he got a small headline in MLB.COM even within the Detroit Site. Even more he is not listed in the “Who’s Hot List” even when he is hotter than Albert Pujols who is listed there.

    How do we explain this? Maybe the MLB.COM editors are not Detroit FANS and are bias by reason of being fans of other more prominent clubs and blind to other performers of clubs they don’t favor.

    What’s your take

  3. ufbaseball15

    thanks for the comments. Mr Fan – We have already talked via email.

    I couldn’t give you a real good answer on why they would do that. Im sure you know just as I do on how bias and favorable the media plays things out. They want to promote the “good guy” image maybe too, whereas Miggy had the issues off the field last year. Either way he has done everything to clean and clear that up. Wish I had a better answer. thanks for the support

  4. cffanclub

    Casey Fein- Looking at his stats in the minors I cannot believe he is not playing at the major league level for some team.
    This year it looks like he has elevated his game to a whole new level.
    Improved control within the strike zone, cut fastball, pitch efficency, etc.
    When do you think he will get a well deserved break?

  5. ufbaseball15

    Casey has been throwing extremely well. Real glad he is back with the Tigers. Hopefully he will get a shot again.

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