Perfectly Screwed Over

Congrats to Armando on throwing a perfect game!
THE CALL. It won’t affect the outcome of the game, rather it gives
credit to a feat that by all measures is one of the toughest things to
do in sports. The guy deserves to have a perfect game to his credit.
Nothing has ever been done like this before, but that’s because nothing
like this has ever happened before. The Tigers win the game no matter
what the call is and I suspect Jason Donald won’t cry too much to have a
hit taken away. Armando deserves to have his name in the books and
not have people say, “Well, he threw one, but it didn’t count.” That’s
crap. Not to mention the kid has been as classy as humanly possible. Perfect game means
perfect–including umpiring.

Joyce admitted his mistake and apologized to Galarraga. Please direct
your hatred to the real culprit, Bud Selig. Replay would have easily
fixed this call. Selig is behind on issues including replay, revenue
sharing, steroids, and speeding up games.

Hens have had a crazy road trip, being in Syracuse and Buffalo for 9 days, come home to play 4 including a 1030am kids day game, now back on the road to Rochester and Lehigh Valley. Bats are heating up and we have been winning some good games. Just have to keep pitching and keeping the ball down in the zone. Location, location, location. The term never gets old as you play this game at the higher levels. 

Shoe of the Day worn to the field: Nike Safari Pack


  1. bettencourt

    Hi Scot. Really like the blog. I could not believe how bad that Joyce got that call. Im from RI so can’t wait to see you when you come to McCoy to play the PawSox. Good luck the rest of your season.

  2. ufbaseball15

    Thanks for the support! Let me know if you need tickets for when we are in RI….Let me know if there is any topics you want me to cover

  3. bettencourt

    Thanks Man, but i should be all set. what do you think about Bruce Harper, suppose to be drafted number 1 overall this year?
    -Alex Bettencourt

  4. ufbaseball15

    Harper is very hyped up for this draft and well deserved…his overall power hitting and throwing is off the charts…just going to be interesting how quickly and smoothly they get a deal done…pro ball is totally a different level, not many fly through the minors….im sure many will be following him….Boras wants him to be an outfielder

  5. alkaline27

    I agree on this, the integrity of the game suffers when you don’t make wrongs right. Clearly MLB needs a new commissioner.

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