Where were you on Draft Day?

Today is Christmas for all amateur baseball players around the country. I remember in 2004 leaving the NCAA Kinston regional after going two and out against UNC Wilmington we headed back to Knoxville on Sunday night. Monday morning was the draft. I hung out with Patrick Hicklen at Chili’s waiting on a call from area scouts to see when we were getting drafted. On that day the Oakland A’s selected me in the 13th round, pick number 397.

During BP today I talked to many of my teammates asking them what they remembered about their draft day.

Pitching coach AJ Sager was 23 playing golf when he got a call from the San Diego Padres. Five days later he joined the Spokane Indians.

Brendan Wise was at the dentist with his high school coach. His father called him and asked why he wasn’t drafted yet, and as he hung up the phone the Tigers called through.

Josh Rainwater was playing MVP baseball on Xbox at home in Louisiana. He had a draft party with friends and family and was selected in the 4th round.

Casey Fien had a party as well, but didn’t get the result he wanted. His friends stuck around through the first 15 rounds, but then scattered after that. He was eventually drafted in the 20th round. Although he wasn’t drafted where he would have liked to be, he made it to the big leagues and has done extremely well in the minors.

Larry Parrish, our manager, remembers having an area scout from Louisiana in a three-piece suit come to his house and push the idea of the Montreal Expos being a new franchise team with stern rules to their team. His father told him to go ahead and sign with them.

Best of luck to all my friends who are planning to get drafted. Get out there, sign, and start your playing clock. Your age is your biggest factor in this sport.


  1. bettencourt

    thats cool. how did your parents take the news you were going to play pro ball?
    -Alex Bettencourt

  2. cffanclub

    who is going to be the starters for the hens, and who is going to the bullpen ? Lugo, Buckner, Ketchner ?

  3. cffanclub

    how did a player like fein slip to 20th in the draft?

    his stats in pro ball, plus Eastern League and AFL All Stars paint a very successful picture.

  4. ufbaseball15

    My parents were very excited of course, and very happy for me to start a professional career….Starters are Gonzalez, Lugo, Figaro, Gagnier, and buckner……Sometimes guys slip through the ranks, but prove themselves in the minors…once they make it to the league, thats where they make up for their pay day from the draft.

  5. cffanclub

    thanks for the updates from mr. insider !

    glad to see you hitting your spots. amazing what happens when you get some consistent work that enables a control pitcher to stay sharp.

    need to put Galaragga on the payroll. you always seem to be looking for the edge. really proud of the way you have put together a business outside of baseball. you need to give lessons to other players.

    hard questions; what can you say about Ezell [I really like the guy, hose !!!!] will Winehardt pitch again this season?


  6. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Upon getting drafted, do you think it’s more prudent to sign right away and get in Short Season competition? Or is the notion of losing a first year of development because “you” signed late a myth? I know every case is different and I don’t begrudge anyone trying to make a career decision. If you don’t mind…what’s your take?

  7. ufbaseball15

    According to HIPPA laws I can’t talk too much about Weinhardt, but he is scheduled for a bullpen tomorrow and should be back shortly.

    EZ, was a great guy. Very straight shooter and also made the guys laugh. He gave me a shot with this organization and I thank him for it. Only wish him the best in his future endeavors.

  8. ufbaseball15

    – bklyntrolleyblogger It is such a double-edged sword when it comes to signing or holding out. For the 5-10 round guys it is usually in their benefit to sign quick because they haven’t given out the big money to their “bonus babies” yet. So your best chance is to get your money then. But their is always the opposite spectrum of how bad does the team want and need you, do you have college eligibility left etc. Nowadays its good to sign and start your arbitration/free agent clock, by getting out and playing immediately. This also depends on how much you have played throughout the past couple years too. Sometimes they want pitchers to take a break and just go to the instructional league in the fall. Its a very hard question to answer because of the amount of money involved and the whole negotiation process. Sometimes teams don’t even make an offer or talk to the agent/player until late July. Just to tease them a little.

  9. cffanclub

    Looking forward to your start today ! Have a really good feeling after your last outing. Long reliever + Spot starter=Increased Value As A Player. Looks like they were all looking fastball yesterday, keep them guessing Scott!

  10. hens_fan

    Thank you for such an insightful and interesting post.

    The whole draft thing is intriguing. It seems high draft picks are given every opportunity, while a non-prospect player with equal on field performance is not given the same opportunities. I think there’s an element of ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ on the part of the drafting team to an extent; if I paid $X for this player, I’ll give him every chance and treat him like a long term commitment, while if I haven’t paid as much to a player ($X – $1M) there’s not as much at stake.

    I don’t really follow MLB, but it seems that a low salary cap for a team seems to inspire some level of creativity; a player will be promoted or signed based on near term performance, not taking to account if they’re a prospect, how old they are, etc. (I’m thinking of my admittedly limited knowledge of the Florida Marlins)—-probably not great for low-performing prospects, but a real windfall for a hardworking, high performing, non-prospect.

    P.S. –Scot: Tough break last night, but I hope you get back on the mound ASAP and get the results you know you can.

  11. cffanclub

    Do you think Jeff Fraizer and Casey Fien will make the AAA All Star Team ?
    Have really been impressed with their play.

  12. ufbaseball15

    Fraizer and Fien are very good candidates to be all stars, but thats all up to votes via the media, coaches, and the fans. Thanks for all the support and comments….feel free to ask anything for me to follow up in the next blog

    -hens_fan on I totally agree with you, great points

  13. cffanclub

    Congrats- To Casey Fien & Jeff Larish for currently being in the top five in fan voting for the AAA All Star Game@MILB.COM
    Lets put them over the top, one week left to Vote and you can Vote 25# times…..Go Hens

  14. cffanclub

    Congrats- To Casey Fien & Jeff Larish for currently being in the top five in fan voting for the AAA All Star Game@MILB.COM
    Lets put them over the top, one week left to Vote and you can Vote 25# times…..Go Hens

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