Back to the Real World

After 16 of 20 days on the road, Ruddy Lugo found it cool to get a virus on my computer and crash my hard drive. And if you know me well I don’t do well without my computer. Just kidding, but it does get me through the day in the clubhouse prior to the games.

We have been back at home for the past 8 days having played Rochester and now Norfolk. The team has also seen some new faces join us. Billy Buckner, Brendan Wise, Wilkin Ramirez, Matt Hoffman and Jon Weber have all suited up for the Hens. During this span at home myself along with Rainwater and Weinhardt were able to give back to the community in Northwest Ohio at the Miracle league baseball game. CLICK THE LINK HERE TO SEE MORE

Be sure to get your votes in for the AAA All-Star game in Lehigh Valley. Some of our players are leading in the fan vote and need all the help they can get to represent the 419 out in PA.

Click Here to Vote for the ALL Star Game

Shoe of the Day: Nike SB Chirping Bird


  1. vivalavila

    The video on NBC 24’s site of you and the kids made me actually cry, and kinda hit home for me. I work with special needs preschools every friday when I am in school, 2 days a week when I’m out of school, and 4 days in a week during the summer. I know how much the simplest things make them smile and really happy. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to do this. I know how tight your guys’ schedules can get during the season. Send my thanks yous to Josh & Robbie too if possible!!
    Thank you, keep rockin’ and go Hens.

  2. cffanclub

    Vote for Casey Fien/Jeff Larish combo for All Star Game. They are both currently in the Top 5# in fan online voting at MILB.COM

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