1/2 way through the season

Today was game 73 of the minor league season. A little over half way done with the season. We faced Chapman and Volquez. They were throwing fuego, but the Hen’s held there own and put up a couple runs early. We ended up losing 7-4.

Today is also the last day to vote for your AAA All-Stars. So click on the link and vote for the Mudhens. This year we are unable to go home to see our families during the break due to some scheduling conflicts with our management.


Larry Parrish is one win away from being the winningest Mudhen manager. Hopefully we can celebrate with him tonight with a win in Indianapolis.

Shoe of the day: Nike SB Quagmire


  1. hens_fan

    Wow, hard to believe the season is half over, but I?m looking forward to an exciting second half.

    Anyway, here?s a topic suggestion, if you want to take it on:

    In general, how do pitchers feel about Nolan Ryan?s ?conditioning theory? as opposed to the pitch count system used by everyone else? Are young arms being ruined in Texas? Has baseball changed so much since Ryan played that his theory isn?t valid anymore?

    All done voting for the All Star Game?..Good Luck & have a great road trip!

    BTW, tattoos are cool, it?s also cool to be your own man and not have any!

  2. ufbaseball15

    Thanks for checking out the blog and the questions. The game has changed in the last 20 years especially from going to a 5-man rotation rather than the 4-man rotation. Also with arbitration and the money involved management has to provide roles for relievers. Its not all about the starter and closer anymore. Middle and long relievers can get holds, wins, and saves which come into play with contract negotiations.

    I believe that there should be a pitch count for younger players and I understand teams wants to protect their investment. But also a proper throwing program and conditioning program should be in affect. There wasn’t many arm issues and surgeries in the 80’s-90’s in comparison to today. I think it comes from overuse and poor mechanics at an early age. Ryan’s theory I believe is still valid, but not everyone buys into it. There is a new generation of pitching guru’s trying to start their own philosophies.

  3. cffanclub

    Scot- Do not let a few bad breaks get you down ! You have come to far and worked too hard !
    Confidence is the key, do not lose it and start doubting yourself.
    You know exactly what you need to do,” relax”, hit your spots, get your ball moving, let the hitters get ” themselves ” out with groundballs….just like last year!

    I thought you were going to choke the ball last night- you were gripping it so tightand then tighter!

    You control emotions, Do Not let emotions control your pitches!

    The fan

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