The Free Agent Clock has started

From the title of the article I’m talking about the NBA. I’m just hoping my beloved Miami Heat end up landing some of the best out there to win with Dwayne Wade. Lets go Pat Riley. Put together the dream team.

The month of June has come to an end and the Mudhens needed it. Our pitching staff struggled for the most part, especially myself. We all just need to refine our mechanics and execute our pitches more effectively and with conviction. Larry Parrish is one win away from becoming the winningest manager in Mudhens history and we are currently on a 7 game losing skid. The gifts and champagne are going old sitting in the locker room. We need to get the W for him, and then move on with the rest of the season to head to the playoffs.

Congrats to Jay Sborz and Jeff Frazier for being selected to the AAA All Star game in Lehigh Valley, PA. The game is on July 14th and will be broadcasted on the MLB network.

Thanks for all the comments and support. I really appreciate it all.

Shoe of the day: Nike SB Freddy Krueger


  1. ufbaseball15

    At the beginning of the day when the starter arrives at the field, he meets with the catcher and the pitching coach. They go over tendencies and weaknesses of the hitters. They will discuss how to pitch them. The hitting coach will get with the outfielders and let them know the spray chart. During the game the manager only calls pickoff or bunt plays. There is never pitching signs coming in from the dugout. The pitches are between the catcher and pitcher. Its the pitchers ERA and win, so he needs to know what he wants to throw every pitch and not just get into a habit always of what the catcher puts down.

  2. hens_fan

    Rest easy, I won’t be at the game tonight, so I’m SURE the Hens will win. I was even thinking of catching a game in Columbus next week, but I’m almost afraid to go?………………………

    If you choose, as your good deed for the day, you can resolve a workplace disagreement. How is a game REALLY called? Some mix of pitch input from the manager, pitching coach, catcher and pitcher? Is there anyway you can put percentages on it? What are the variables in the mix? I’m sure you get the idea?………………………………………………………………………..

    BTW, nicely done last night, Mr. Drucker

  3. cffanclub

    It was nice to see that clean confident inning. Every season is a battle and it looks like you are winning the fight.
    The calm is back, the fear is gone, and you are ready to move forward and build that foundation to the next level.
    Be smart, stay within yourself, and always keep things simple, you have the ability and intelligence. Never let the expectations of others, limit your potential for Success !

    The Fan

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