We made history for the good and the bad

Well the Mudhens had an interesting past 2 weeks. We get Rick Porcello from the big league club and throws a gem for us in Louisville. Then after that we fell apart. Our manager was one win short of becoming the winningest manager in Mudhen’s history and we made a record of our own by losing 11 straight games. We finally broke that streak and got LP his win in Columbus the other night. It felt good for the entire team to get over that bump in the road. Losing that many in a row was tough especially in baseball. Normally you can sneak a win in their somehow.

We are currently in Louisville for 2 games and then head home for 2 before enjoying the all star break. I’m getting a spot start tomorrow to help give some of our staff and breather and for the big league club to line up their starters for the 2nd half.

Congrats to the Miami Heat for resigning Dwade and gettting Chris Bosh. Tonight we will have King James as well.

I always appreciate the comments and suggestions. Feel free to comment below or ask any questions.
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  1. lrc110979@aol.com

    Great Blog! Very Insightful! I Love reading them because your passion for what you do is conveyed to your reader in such a real fashion! Keep em coming!

  2. 53toledo

    Good luck with your start tonight ! What is the status on AJ and Casper ?
    On the pregame show they talked about another player joining the team pending physical ? position or pitcher ?
    Do you see many changes on the team during the break?

    Last question, I was very disappointed in JL comments yesterday that he wanted to trade for another relief pitcher!
    That has been the one bright spot in the organization. How does that impact the other players? If they do make a trade I can only see the young relief pitchers with any value that other teams would want- do you hear any rumors?

  3. ufbaseball15

    thanks, AJ should be rejoing the team once we get back to Toledo late tonight. Unfortunately I’m not in the liberty to discuss injuries or behind the scene stuff about players. Casper is fine though and nothing to worry about. I heard the same thing about us adding a player, I do not know who that is yet. Wilkin is headed to the Futures Game, so we may be filling in for him until he gets back.

    I understand Skips concerns for getting more relief pitching. Especially since a lot of his vets are injured, he would like to go with a more established group of pitchers going into the 2nd half. Its tough on guys within the team at lower levels, but if we throw consistent and well, we hope to get a shot and stick with the big club. We hear rumors all the time, but they are just rumors. Many players I have played with who were traded in their career sometimes find out through the internet or the tv before their agent or the team tells them.

  4. 53toledo

    Very insightful, reading between the lines tells me a lot about Toledo and the organization. Did you ever think about a career in politics.

    Sounds like they may be showcasing a couple of young guys at the MLB level. In watching the games @ Toledo Fein has been much more impressive this season then some of the guys getting all the publicity and promotions. Will he be a free agent at the end of this season? This guy deserves a break!

    You, getting some bats….looks like a guy who wants to get some at bats in the National League- you have a big time future- make your big move starting today !!!!!!! go big Mr S

  5. bettencourt

    Scot, This may be a weird question, but do you have any baseball cards of yourself? Because i would love to have your autograph when you come to Pawtucket.
    -Alex B

  6. ufbaseball15

    The only cards I have are from team sets. Best bet would be ebay or online on the team stores website. thanks

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