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So today Apple offered free bumper cases to their consumers of the new Iphone which loses bars of reception when held to the ear. Nice device  lol..

The all-star break has come and gone. The three days off were well needed. We went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. I think I have come to the realization that I have outgrown theme parks. I don’t have the patience anymore to wait in lines in the blistering hot sun on my off day for a 17 second thrill ride. Although I am a sucker for throwing rings onto the coke bottles and trying to knock down the milk bottles with a bean bag. And of course people watching can be very entertaining at those places.

We are currently in Scranton, PA, home of the TV series “the office” and movie Kingpin, which is one of my favorites. Nothing like getting “Munson’d”.

Armando Galaragga joins us tonight for a spot start. I’m wondering if he drove his Corvette here that was given to him for the “almost perfect” game. I also heard a rumor that he signed a licensing deal that only allows him to sign the famous “safe call” picture with his autograph and “almost perfect”. Pretty good marketing idea from his agent or whoever if that is true. I’ll have to find out if that is true.

Off to Pawtucket after a four game series here.

Shoe of the day:  Nike DJ AM High Top Dunk


  1. 53toledo

    Any trade talk with Toledo players ? 13 pitchers, 12 slots, who is odd man out ?

    I think with the current staff, we are going to start winning more games. Little better balance to take on all the left handed hitting teams. My bet is that this team is going to finish strong!

  2. 53toledo

    Scott, will you be starting, with Bucker moving to DL?

    Do you see Larrish or Fein moving in a trade ?

  3. ufbaseball15

    Im starting on Wednesday…not too sure what else is going on right now, especially with Oliver and Schlereth coming back. Fien and Larish could be possible trades as many of our other guys. Some of the tigers front office are in town this week.

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