Whens it going to stop?

I try to keep my actual part of the game out of the blogs, but when am I going to get a clean sweep of innings. I have had struggles throughout my career, but none that have lasted this long. I have seemed to try everything. Worked out more, prepared more/prepared less, worn pants up, worn pants down, tried stirrups again, watched video, chewed different pieces of gum, moved to the other side of the mound, and the list can go on and on. I know I just have to keep at it and finish strong, but it is frustrating. Having your ERA rise to almost match your credit score is no fun. For instance you make a good pitch and it gets “blooped” into right field for a guy to score. Totally not cool. I figured I haven’t ranted and raved about my dilemmas on here, so maybe that will change up my luck.

Now back to pop culture and the rest of the world. Im surprised the Brett Favre saga isn’t that media worthy this year. I made the joke earlier this week on twitter that he probably will need a 2 hour special “the decision” to announce whether he is retiring or not. We just had a 4 game series in Gwinnett against the Braves and currently have a day off in Charlotte before a 4 game series with the Knights. Days off on the road are terrible. There is usually nothing around the hotel to do so we usually just stare at the gloomy wall paper in the rooms.

The Toledo Mudhens are a complete different team now. Everyday I see a new face walk through the door and I have to give them the rundown of the do’s and don’ts of AAA. It’s nice to meet new teammates, but I just have to keep up and remember all the names.  Congrats to Jeff Frazier for getting the call to the big leagues. The guy worked his tail off and I was very happy to see him get a chance for the first time. Also Wilkin Ramirez and Jeff Larish were both claimed off waivers by the Braves and Athletics.


  1. caseyhens

    Get a copy of Dirk Hayhurst’s “Bullpen Gospels”. Seriously, outside of the baseball hijinks he has some really worthwhile thoughts on pitching, the game and the player’s best response to all of the pressures.
    Of course first pitch strikes will help too!

  2. lrc110979@aol.com


    I have always lived by the philosophy that everything that happens in life happens for a reason and usually are used to teach us a life lesson or make us a better individual in society. The “pitching woes” you describe above are probably happening for some silly reason that might be so simple that it is missed. Maybe the reason has absolutely nothing to do with baseball but whatever it is, it has some sort of purpose to it. It seems as if you have exhausted the baseball superstitions when it comes “pants up, pants down, different gum etc.” Maybe try thinking about what life is trying to teach you (ie “the bigger picture”). Although, as frustrating as you have been with this, when you finally find the answer it will correct what is not going so good. Just know that you have a ton of fan support behind you and as your fans we are confident all will be well!!
    On a side note:
    The life that you guys, as players, lead is one of the craziest and least appreciated. Your one the road, away from your families, putting your bodies through extensive wear and tear, giving your time to just about anyone who asks for it and with hardly any gratitude. You are definitely not paid enough for all of the things you are asked to do and definitely not supported by the MLB guys or players union, most of the time you guys get the short end of the stick without anyone standing up to represent you the way you need to be. Is there some sort of program coming down the line in order to help you guys get more money and represent you like MLB has?

  3. ufbaseball15

    I read Dirk’s book earlier this year, well written and very true.

    -thanks for the comments, makes a lot of sense…can’t always look at struggles as just baseball. Could have a bigger meaning down the road. I know a new collective bargaining agreement has to go into affect in a year or two, but that only covers the MLB. I would like to start investigating why the MILB doesnt have some kind representation. I heard recently that the MILB put a pension program and some teams offers retirement plans. Hopefully its a sign to see things change a little for the betterment of the youth in the minors.

  4. cffanclub

    I have watched you pitch in Spring Training and just about every game this year and last.
    It is just about getting your confidence back. Be yourself, relax, and be confident.
    Your velocity has improved this year ! Plus +
    Simply, stay with the basics ” You” are a successful professional pitcher!

  5. jag3up

    I had reservations about posting when I first read this, Scot. But, then chose to come back and finally post:
    You have never given me the slightest clue that you could possibly be struggling. Then again, I have a one track mind–baseball. And, dude, you do too. That is what I have and do admire about you. You have a leadership quality that is relevant to all that are fortunate enough to meet you. BB and life are so similar and regardless of the score, it isn’t always about the wins–it is about how high you held your chin up and battled when everyone else expected you to just walk away. I am very proud to be in your corner and I’ll always have your back, no matter what.

    You’re the best,


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