Seasons come and Seasons go

As I wrap up the final blog for the season, I just want to take the time
and personally thank everyone for following me on twitter, posting
comments and questions, and for reading the blog. I had a great time
doing it and learned a lot from my supporters. I hope to continue
blogging into the off season and winter ball.

Although this was not my best season by any means I am very appreciative
of the Detroit Tigers and staff for sticking with me and giving me the
opportunity to be a part of the organization for the past three seasons.
The entire front office staff and on-the-field personnel was very first
class. After this season I become a free agent and can sign with any

I hope to play winter ball this off season. Still working on the details with my agent. I will keep you all posted. 

The Mudhens are wrapping up our last 7 games. We have had many
transactions this year and have a brand new team. The last time I looked
we had 124 transactions through 125 games. Some have been making jokes
around the locker room that we are the Toledo “Seawolves”. Only Diaz,
Leon, Streiby, and myself are the only Hens’ from the original opening
day roster that haven’t moved anywhere. Congratulations to Max St Pierre
on his first call up. After 14 seasons in minor league ball he got the
call. Very well deserved and a great teammate. I wish the best to him
and his family.


  1. hens_fan

    Thanks for sharing a part of your season with us, Scot. Through your tweets and blogs I learned more about a lifestyle that’s more challenging, difficult and yet, rewarding than I could have suspected. As a 5 year MiLB fan, I greatly appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of the players and staff.

    You’re obviously a intelligent, articulate guy and a good pitcher (an even better pitcher than you may think you are, I suspect!) with a bright future. And no matter what that future holds, I’m sure you’ll always have supporters in Toledo.
    Finally, anyone who’s been paying attention to the Hens for the last several years, can’t help but be thrilled by Max St. Pierre’s long overdue call up. Thanks again.

  2. 53toledo

    Scot- When do minor league free agents get to start contacting other organizations and signing contracts for next year ?

    Where are you going to play this winter ?

    What do you want to work on ?

    In the next ten years, what would you see yourself doing with your life ?

    Thanks for taking the time to write and keeping the fans updated on the Hens.

  3. ufbaseball15

    thank you for the kind words…. 5 days after the last game of the World Series the Tigers are the first and only team allowed to negotiate with me for next season. After that any team can talk to me. I hope to play in either Venezuela or the Dominican this winter. My agent and I are still discussing options and finding work. I think I found something in my delivery my last outing that will help me locate to the outer half of the plate better. I know I can still play competitively and want to make it to the big leagues. I throw strikes, but I also need to throw “quality” balls. I would love to stay involved with the game, whether it be coaching or something in the front office.

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