This offseason is here, but what to do?

Following the Mudhens season I stayed in Toledo for a couple days before I headed down to Columbus, Ohio for the Hurricanes vs Buckeyes game. The atmosphere of the “Horseshoe” was something else and I have to give it to the Cbus fans, they know how to tailgate. A lot of friendly buckeye fans out there. The ‘Canes appreciate the hospitality. Everyone told me it was going to be the loudest stadium I have ever been to. It didn’t compare to the Swamp or Neyland. Those two places are much louder.

Made the 18 hour track home to Miami on Sunday following the game and now I’m bored. Don’t get me wrong. The off season is very important to relax, visit with family and friends, and prepare for next season. But when you go from having a day in and day out schedule to not much it gets pretty dull.

Im going to start posting pictures of sites and scenes on here from Miami to give you all a little taste. I hope everyone is having a good Fall. I’ll also keep you posted on possible winterball plans. Still trying to find a place to go.


  1. 53toledo

    Scot- Little concerned with your comment on twitter regarding trying to find a winter league team.
    Why is it that players in states seem to be playing on a unlevel development playing field when it comes to other players with regards to the draft, youth academies funded by MLB, and winter leagues. Why is it we do not have winter leagues in the USA?
    Second, we hear all the time from Detroit and in the Midwest that we need to buy USA products and Cars! Yet in Detroit, Cleveland, and other cities, all we see is the teams spending money developing and outsourcing MLB jobs ?
    Touchy subject, but certainly one that MLB, Teams, and Players need to address in the future. I really feel that USA players are at a big disadvantage, with two sets of rules.

  2. ufbaseball15

    thats a hard question to tackle publicly. Nowadays and for a while american players have gone to play winter ball because of the money. Of course development and better competition is there, but a player can make as much as they have the entire minor league season in one month in DR, MX, or VZ. It helps especially since many players find it hard to get a normal job for the short off season we have. There was a florida winter league last year that folded and hawaii was around for a couple years. I guess the leagues in the US are too expensive to up keep and make a profit.

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