Miami Sports make me Cry

This past week in Miami was not one to be remembered for the Dolphins or Hurricanes. Both teams were slaughtered by their opponents. It defiantly was hard to watch and experience it in person. Nothing gets on my nerves more than hearing the Florida State cheer and seeing the tomahawk chop all night long. But they did out play us and were sure allowed to chop all night long.

My plans to head to Venezuela to play for the Caribes de anzoategui were put on hold from my agent as of Monday evening. We are still working out details of everything. I was supposed to fly out Tuesday morning. Now I have all my bags packed but not sure when I’ll be leaving or playing yet. You can get up to date details on my twitter account.

Congrats to Bobby Cox and his outstanding career as a manager.

Does anyone know how to Upload pics for my blog so that they can just show up on the page rather than having to click a link? I tried to find some hosting sites, but it didn’t work.

Be sure to check out for shoes and to tie all your social networks together


  1. tenten25

    Congrats on finding a winter ball team (finally)! Good luck and I’m sure you’ll do great! And thanks again for answering my question.

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