Goodbye Venezuela, hello Dominican Republic

After an interesting week of playing cat and mouse with my agent, Venezuelan scouts, and myself, I find myself going to the Dominican Republic of all places. I have no idea how this magic eight ball landed me there, but I am extremely excited to play for the Licey Tigers. They are the most well known team in the Capital and have won tons of championships.

As of right now, I am flying out of Miami on Saturday October 16th to the DR. We have a couple of scrimmages and the season opens up next Friday. I hope to add videos and pictures of my journey. I was told I will have internet access so I will be able to keep up the blog.

please feel free to comment or ask questions so I can add it into the entries for next time.


  1. tenten25

    Congrats on getting an assignment! I will be faithfully following you and your team. Do you know any guys on the team?

  2. ufbaseball15

    We had a light workout yesterday in Boca Chica and I ran into Freddy Dolsi, Luis Marte, Robinson Diaz, Alfredo Figaro and Reggie Abercrombie. I played with most of the guys with Detroit and Reggie in Puerto Rico last year. Tonight we have an exhibition game against Escogido.

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