Settled into the DR, Opening day 2 days away

So I arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on Saturday afternoon. I was supposed to be picked up by a driver, but as I walked down “rock star row” where everyone holds up names to pick you up, I did not see my name. I ended up taking a cab for about RD$1500 ($40 US). As I drove to the hotel which was about 25 minutes away I witnessed a beautiful beach with clear blue water to the left and very impoverished shanties and businesses to the right.

Being here just a week makes you realize how much you have very quickly and how you can take the little things in life for granted. The traffic here is absolutely crazy. Everyone makes their own lanes and make left hand turns from the right lanes to just name an example. There are many motorcycles and scooters. We have seen as many as three people on one motorcycle. While stuck in traffic locals try to sell bottled water, cell phone cases and chargers, toys for kids, and will squeegee your windows. Everyone is trying to make some money to support themselves or their family.

The language barrier is a little tough for where we are located. We stay in the heart of downtown and are not on a resort or near any type of beach. Of all of the imports I probably speak the best Spanish which isn’t even that great. Hopefully I can learn some more while I’m here.

This past week we went out to Boca Chica to have some practices. This is were the White Sox and Cubs have their Dominican academies. It was great to see and experience where these guys train and go to school.

Today we played a Cuban team which all defected to the DR. I threw an inning which went well. We open up Friday night at home against Escogido. Casper Wells and Ruddy Lugo play for them.

Follow me on twitter for pictures and videos of the country. And feel free to comment or ask any questions. Thanks for reading and supporting me.


  1. tenten25

    It sounds like you’re having a great time! I’m sure the names of the pitches you have are the same in English as they are in Spanish. Here’s one though: “Quiero la pelota” means “I want the ball”. So if you ever feel like you aren’t getting a chance to pitch as much as the other guys, I guess you could say that! If you need any other Spanish phrases or words I can try to help, but a great website to go to is if you need some on-the-spot stuff.

  2. cffanclub

    Having a great time reading your tweets and blogs on your Winter League adventures ! Things seem to have worked out very well for you. With all your community work and love of the game it is good to see one of the “good guys” get a break. Now just take that break and run with it all the way to Spring Training.

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