Pros and Cons of Winterball

A lot goes on on and off the field in winterball. I’m going to try to elaborate on the pros and cons of winterball from a quick survey from some of my teammates. I do not agree with all or some of these comments.

teammates, so much knowledge and experience
Bus Driver Shags during BP

Cold Showers
Propane Powered Taxis
4-5 Hour games
Being called Gringo, Blanco, Americano
Food, trying to order is nearly impossible, we never get what we asked for
Long road trips
Getting asked for balls all the time – baseball are like bullion of gold here

Day off today in the DR. Trying to avoid Chlorea and Tropical Storm Thomas. We have been playing ok. Our record is 5-4. Like any team I’ve been on, it starts with pitching and defense. When we play solid D and get ground ball outs we put ourselves in a position to win.

So whos everyone pulling for in the WS? Leave your comments and questions and please retweet on twitter. Ill have videos and pictures throughout the week. Thanks for the support and following me.


  1. tenten25

    Rooting for Texas for the WS. Represent the AL!
    Also, in your video of your 1st week in the DR, what was the song you used? It was very catchy and I’d like to download it!

  2. ufbaseball15

    Don omar – Hasta Abajo

    The song they play non stop down here in between innings is Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – We No Speak Americano

  3. tenten25

    I do have another question regarding contracts: What’s the difference between being eligible for Free Agency and eligible for Arbitration?

  4. ufbaseball15

    Free Agency for minor leaguers start after 7 yrs/6 Full Seasons from when they were drafted. That is only if they were never released and have been with the same team all those seasons. For players that get released and sign with a team for a year, become free agents every year.

    Arbitration is for big leaguers who have 3 years of service time and can file for arbitration. It is when the team and the player can not agree on a salary. There are a bunch of rules with arbitration where players with less than 3 years can file as well. That just depends on how well they performed etc.


    Just curious if you could shed some light on the payscale in the winter leagues. I’ve always been curious.

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