Movember is here!

So my friends and I for the past two years have joined the website to raise money and awareness for cancer that affects men around the world. Along with donating to charity we all grow intricate mustaches for the month. We update photos online and share amongst friends via facebook and twitter.

Please join our team or donate here Scotty D’s Mustache Team. Any help is greatly appreciated and it all goes towards charity. You can also start up your own group and have friends and family join.

Day 4 of Movember

Licey is now 5-6. We have been pressing a little to get on a winning streak. Its still very early in the season, but its nice to win a lot of games in the beginning to lock down a playoff spot. Four of the six teams make the playoffs after the fifty game season. The four teams then play a round robin to go to the championship.

Here are some pictures from inside the clubhouse. As you can see they take pride in their accomplishments and gives you the feel of a Yankees type franchise they have here.




One comment

  1. missjoa

    Licey has a lot of history and tradition in the league, it’s surprising to see them and las Aguilas 5-7 right now. I grew up watching these two teams alternating championships every yr for a good 15 yrs. It’s a great rivalry. I hope Licey can get a good streak going, I’m rooting for them (like I do EVERY yr).

    Btw- great Mo-gress for Movember so far! This Mo Sista approves! I made a donation earlier today (to another team…), it’s a wonderful cause.

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