Licey Feliz Cumpleaos

This past week has been like deja vu from the mudhens season. Of course in Toledo without the the rice and beans, vuvuzuelas, and taxis running on propane gas tanks. The Licey Tigres have lost 6 consecutive games. In Toledo this past season we lost 11 in a row. And at that time we were one short of getting Larry Parrish his win to make him the winningest manager in Mudhens history. We need to change this losing streak real quick or some of us are going to be out of a winterball job.

Licey celebrated its 103 birthday today at the field. Like I have said in previous tweets/blog posts, this organization has a lot of history. There is a book going around the clubhouse this week that looks like a text book from my college psychology class. The book is HUGE! It has all the history of the Licey ball club. It contains records, stats, pictures and all the players that have played and managed here.

Here is a picture of the cake prior to the game Sunday.

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