Adios DR, Bienvenido a Miami

Well my time in the Dominican was a short one. I only ended up throwing 1.1 innings down there. Our team started to struggle early and there was a lot of pressure from the brass up top, so they were going with their local guys they have had in the past. There were no hard feelings at all, just being in the right place at the wrong time. I need to get out and pitch to show teams what I can do for next season. Our manager Dave Clarke understood where I was coming from and wished me the best. Now that free agency has started I’m trying to get a job, just as most of my friends are as well.

Licey was a great experience and I loved it down there. I hope to go back to the DR to play again in the future. For now there is a chance I may head to Venezuela shortly to play down there. I will keep you all posted via twitter and my blog about those details.

Not much going on in Miami right now. Just staying in shape by going to the gym and working out at local high schools and colleges. Remember it is Movember. Im growing out a mustache along with many other friends and followers to help support cancer that affects men. I may look like a pedophile for a month but all the money raised goes to a great cause. Here is the link to join our team or to make a donation Movember. You can follow the progress of my molest-ache too there. Any donation goes a long way. Thank you for your support.

I’ve been forgetting to post the Shoe of the Day. I did it during the season and stopped for some reason. As you all know I am the co-founder of, and I’m a shoe nut. What do you think about these?

Kix of the Day:  Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy

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    Here’s a quick question: What is the process of free agency? Do you have to essentially “try out”? Is it based on last season? Do you have to send a resume out or contact teams directly and ask to play? Just curious on how a baseball player gets a job vs. how the majority of the population gets a job. In my industry (staffing) there is a process that one has to follow. Is it the same in baseball?

  2. ufbaseball15

    Free agency changed a little this year. After the world series, the team that owned you in the prior season had the first rights to resign you, then there was a 2 week dead period where no team was allowed to contact you. This gave teams time to organize the guys they wanted to go after. This year they got rid of the 2 week dead period and the process has gone slow because all the mlb teams just got the minor league free agent list a week ago and haven’t had time to do all their homework.

    Usually getting resigned is based on last season. Of course the better you have performed, more teams may be interested and that can give you some lead way to getting a big league invite or extra money towards your salary. Some teams may offer a tryout if you were not in affiliated ball last season, or bring you into mini camp prior to spring training to get an extra look at a player. Most players agents are in contact with all these teams and has the best interest for you in getting to the right team and situation.

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