Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

As the holidays are upon us, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Living in Aventura, Florida can be a nightmare during the holiday season. When people outside of Florida know the city I live in only because its “Amazing” mall you know I’m in trouble. From the snowbirds who come down to vacation, to the mall traffic, it is nearly impossible to leave my house to get anything done. I try to avoid the mall at all costs. The only way I end up there is if my mother calls me and tells me there is some crazy sale for me to pick her up some Keurig K Cups of coffee. Shes addicted to them.

The line at Best Buy has already started here for Black Friday. Are deals really that good this year to be waiting outside 4 days before the sale? Does anyone have any good black friday stories? I think I enjoy the Cyber monday deals better, no lines and no sales tax.

Please check out the article Ben Hill wrote about me Ben Hill’s MILB Article

Thanks a lot for the support and have a happy thanksgiving

Kix of the Day: Nike SB Delorean Back to the Future

One comment


    Did you get the shoes that you slept outside for??

    Alexis Gomez is in our thoughts and prayers. That is terrible.

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