Winter Meetings in Sunny Florida.

Tomorrow I will be headed up North to Orlando to attend the Winter Meetings. This will be the 4th I have attended in the past 5 years. I had to skip out on Indy last year, due to the fact I was playing winter ball and that it was in Indianapolis (too cold). I’m excited to get to see club personnel and scouts I have made friends with. Also maybe I can get my free agent deal done. I mean whats all this talk about Jayson Werth and Cliff Lee. What am I chop liver? Just kidding.

I’ll be tweeting, taking photos, and videos to give you all an all access as to what goes on over there.


  1. goastros10

    Hello- Mr Winter Meetings. Looking forward to your reports and pictures on baseball.
    Want to see your name in MLB Trade Rumors as a signed free agent for 2011.
    You still have the best years of your career in front of you…do you believe !

  2. goastros10

    Well it looks like Mr. Drucker does Mexico. Enjoyed the recent article about you at the Winter Meetings. Doing things the right way !

    Have watched you pitched a lot of games over the past two seasons. Your “best” baseball is in front of you. Just be yourself, stay aggressive, and respect the game.

    Expect lots of blogs and tweets. Brush back Leon, if you get a chance. Just a friendly reminder.

    ps -do not let those catchers tip off your pitches- The Fan

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