Turn your head and cough

So the first day of spring training is in the books. We had physicals a couple days ago which sometimes can be a drag, but this year they went pretty smoothly. Detroit does an amazing job with physicals. They cover ever part of our bodies including dental which is very nice to know that we are completely healthy prior to taking the field.

Today opened up with a 9:30am meeting outside with the entire minor league staff and front office. Mike Rojas and Kevin Bradshaw are leading the way for this years spring training. Pitchers and catchers are broken up into 4-5 groups. We covered bullpens, pick offs, bunt defense, and ground balls. Tomorrow is the dreaded running test. I say dreaded because no one enjoys being timed to do a 300 yard shuttle 3 times at 8am.

I’m very excited for the new regime here in Detroit. There are a ton of new faces for players as well as coaches. Wish me luck. As always thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

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  1. lrc110979@gmail.com

    Glad to see you back with Detroit! Wouldn’t be the same without you! A couple questions that come to mind are: 1. Is every player that was at the meeting you reference above guaranteed a spot somewhere in the Tigers system? 2. At what point do you know what team you will start the year with? and 3. Are you competing for a spot in the rotation or relief?

    Good Luck in Spring Training! Looking forward to watching you play this summer!

  2. hetobeto@yahoo.com

    Good luck this season, Scot! Do you have any tips or recommendations for someone visiting Lakeland (and spring training) for the first time? Also, are there any differences between minor and major league camp, or do you focus on basically the same things? Thanks!

  3. ufbaseball15

    Hi thanks for the comments,

    Lisa, We are NOT guaranteed any spots. The management usually has an idea where they would like to send people, but as the big leagues start to send guys down to us the trickle down effect takes place. Unfortunately guys will be released by the end of spring. Hopefully you just stay healthy and do well while you are here. You start to get an idea where you “may” wind up but nothing is for certain until the final day of camp. Not sure what ill be doing this year, but Im assumming relief work, because of our strong starters.

    Lakeland has a lot to offer. We are 30-45 minutes in between tampa and orlando. The Tigers facility is all together on the same site. The big league guys are across the street playing games everyday. Behind the main stadium is 4 minor league fields. We all do the same thing, but since the big league guys have been here 3 weeks before us, they have already done the practice stuff and now are onto games. Fans can flock around and watch work outs from a limited area for minor league stuff. We start playing games March 16th I believe. Two teams are home and two will be on the road. Usually AA and AAA will stay together and High A and Low A teams will do the same. let me know if you need anything else.

  4. lrc110979@gmail.com

    Thanks for taking time to answer the questions. Your answers sparked a couple more questions: Is there a “criteria” that has to be met by the player in order to make a team? I.E. have to have a certain batting average or ERA by the end of spring? That just doesn’t seem like a big enough snap shot of a player if they go by the Spring Training performance only. Also if a player gets cut due to the trickle down effect, is there still time for him to sign with another team to start the season or is it something where the player has to wait until the all star break or the following season?
    Do you have any “ultimate” Spring training moments that you had in past springs that you could share with your fans?

    thanks for blogging! It is very interesting!

  5. ufbaseball15

    I don’t believe there is a “criteria” to make a team. Of course the players have to be in shape and healthy. Stats are looked at during the spring in the coaches offices but I do not think that plays a huge factor in making it through spring training. I have seen many players do extremely well and not make it out of camp and I’ve seen the total opposite and a guy made a team. Some teams just have “their” guys that they will push and help make a team. When cuts start to happen whether it be in the beginning or end of spring training there isn’t much time to sign on with another team. All the teams are going through the same process as us releasing and trimming rosters down, so there isn’t much room somewhere else. Usually guys who get released will join an independent ball league to stay in shape and try to get picked up elsewhere. I have a ton of spring training stories, but can’t pick out just one. The best days are usually the running test days because you can feel and see everyone nervousness. Its always fun to joke with guys on those days.

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