Random Q&A’s

The minor league spring training schedule has been posted here. If you are in the Lakeland or surrounding areas we play against the Phillies, Braves, Houston, and the Nationals during our short stint here. All games are open to the public.

spring training 2011 Schedule

Best food places on the road are always Bar Louie or Chipotle in Columbus. Frickers or Grumpys in Toledo. Palominos or St Elmos in Indianapolis. Podestos sandwiches and In-n-Out in Stockton, California.

Favorite baseball movie is For Love of the Game. But in a close second is Mr Baseball or Major League.

The Hens will sure miss Larry Parrish this upcoming season. He was a great field general and was always fun to pick his brain. He had a ton of stories from his playing days. It was also fun to play golf with him on the road. I wish LP the best, and I’m very excited to play for Phil Nevin hopefully. I have only heard rave reviews of his style of play and the way he manages. All the guys in Erie loved his passion for the game.

I can’t really remember the oldest guys I’ve played with, but we have Timo Perez in camp with us this season if that gives you any hint of the age some of these guys are here.

thanks for the questions via Twitter

Camp has been going well. We had live BP with pitchers the past two days. Hitters are starting to get their timing back. There has been a good feeling around camp with the new regime. We are getting a lot of work done and going about it the right way. Very excited for 2011.

Go Tigers!

One comment

  1. Michael David

    I would love to make it back to Toledo for a game or two. Lots of fun there. Supposed to be at opening day for the Whtiecaps in two weeks…but lots of snow still in Michigan.
    Good luck, and go Tigers.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

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