Season 2, Ready to get underway

The first week is in the books of my second spring training of the season. Playing “indy” ball can be a wake up call to many who are not familiar with the random chaos that goes on. Our team changed ownership about three weeks ago and we hired a new manager and staff at that time as well. These guys have been trying to put together a competitive team in a very short time. They actually have been sleeping in the locker room. This past week we had our evaluation/tryout week. Because our field was not ready to be played on we ventured all over the Dallas metroplex area and worked out at random high schools and universities. This is just one of the small quirks of indy ball; never knowing where practice that day may be.

Some players definitely take this game for granted sometimes. While doing the bucket the other day in Fort Worth I had to bring the bucket in every two batters because they did not supply us with enough balls. It felt like I was getting my conditioning in by running it in from the outfield every five minutes. I thought baseballs were like bouillons of gold in the DR and Mexico, but they are just as rare in indy ball. The umpires in the league are fair. Most if not all of them are fresh out the Wendelstedt umpiring school and are under 25 years old.  We only have a two man crew at the games, so check swings and close plays can get a little tricky for them.

Random side notes: Our bus/van broke down twice on the way to Fort Worth. Our clubee left us only to have the manager and coaches doing the laundry till the wee hours of the night. They actually had rookies doing it the other day though. You have to pay your dues in this game somehow. Speaking of clubhouse dues, dues in indy ball are $2 a day. In AAA they are $12 a day. Today I witnessed players wrapping each others arms with ice and manning the stem machine, because there wasn’t a trainer in today. There is always something to talk about from our days at the park.

We open up at home on Thursday against the Gary Railcats. Greg Smith is on the bump for opening night and I’ll be throwing Friday. Thanks for reading and all the support. Please comment and share with your friends.


  1. mlblogsdruckerscot1

    I have not thought about writing a book, but it would be very fun to reminisce all the memories and stories. I read Dirk Hayhurst’s and I could see if I wrote a book it would be very similar

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  3. LisaC

    So glad to see you in your element again! I am sure you will be a huge asset for your team!

    I am curious as to where “indy” ball fits into the system. Does MLB recruit from there or is there a level/system like MLB and MILB (Ex. Class A, Double A or AAA?) For a player playing in that league what is their next step? How does a player get into the Independent league?

    Thanks for posting the blog! I love reading all about your journey!

  4. mudhensrock2

    So the Mud Hens could have used a pitcher tonight…, maybe you should give them a call. The book is a great idea – you love to write and are having some great and sometimes crazy experiences, but however crazy you seem to still love the game..

  5. mlblogsdruckerscot1

    Ya ive been following the Hens, they have been up and down during the 1st half, but thats normal with guys getting called up and injuries. I hope they get on a good roll.

    The last time I was in “indy” ball I had some very good numbers but hadn’t gotten signed by an mlb team. I was at the all star game when I finally got signed. When players are over here there one main goal and purpose is to win, do well, and get signed by an affiliated team. There are about 10 indy ball leagues all over the US. Once you are released your name hits the waiver wire and coaches from these leagues try to recruit you to their team. Some leagues have more ex big-leaguers and AAA talent like the Atlantic League and the American Association. Others are for guys that were un-drafted and have a younger group around them.

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