What do you do on a 15hr flight?

The past week has gone by like none other. Prior to my 2nd start with Grand Prairie I was notified by my agent that a Taiwanese team was interested in signing me to a contract. They made an offer and told me they would let me know if the deal was finalized within 48 hours. I had to let the Airhogs know what was going on so that our manager would be able to get another pitcher in case I had to leave shortly. Of course he was upset I might be leaving, but he totally understood the circumstances.

48 hours went by and no word from Taiwan. I continued to pitch in my scheduled game and had one of the craziest starts I’ve ever been a part of. 6 errors behind me (one of my own), 1 earned run of 7 runs, and we only lost 8-1. Hopefully the Taiwanese scouts did not read up on that box score or see what happened in that game to determine if they would choose me to join their team. A couple days later we got the final word that it was an all go with Taiwan. Unfortunately I was on the road with my team in Kansas City. I had to find a way to get back to Dallas, pack up my apartment and car, and then find a way back to Miami. All of this was at my own expense. Along with all of this I had to get together my passport, sign contracts, get 2×2 photos for my Visa, make an appointment with the Taipei Consulate in Miami, pack again, and say hi and bye to my family and girlfriend for whoever knows how long.

I am very excited for this opportunity to travel and play in Taiwan. The league is the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CBPL). Each team is allowed four imports, but only 2-3 can be active on the roster. The team I will be playing for is the Lamigo Monkeys. They are currently in first place of the four team league. I hope to help them continue winning and make a push for the playoffs in September. Many thanks to Fu-Ti- Ni’s translators Fox Sung and Steve Xiu for helping me out figure out what I will need over there. I will continue to blog and update all of you with pictures and videos from the other side of the world as best as I can.

This will be a very fun and exciting journey, and I’m so glad to share it with my friends and fans. I really thank you for your continued support no matter where I end up. Please comment and ask questions. I want to give back as much info as I can.


  1. LisaC

    Congrats! How exciting! Question is……How does playing overseas differ than here (other than obvious reasons) and is it beneficial for a player to play there. Does it help get a player noticed by MLB teams? Do MLB/MiLB teams often scout American players playing overseas?

    Good luck and have fun! Can’t wait to read about your adventures! Just know you’ll have tons of fans cheering for you from across the ocean!

  2. march30201

    Well come to Taiwan, I am Lamigo Monkey’s fan .

    You will see another team ,Brother Elephant’s fans,and
    see how crazy they are.

    I also hope Lamigo Monkey can get the championship in CPBL 22th.

  3. Vincente

    Welcome to Taiwan even though I’m a fan of Uni-Lions ! Wish you can pitch some great games excluding againt Lions
    Taiwan is a friendly country and has many delicious local food, I wish and believe you’ll love here !!

  4. cchen

    You are going to the best baseball team in Taiwan. Good choice, and hope you will play well over there.

  5. Kevin

    Welcome to Taiwan dude.

    Asian Pacific baseball involves a lot more breaking ball and they will expect a lot from you since your are from US.

    But ya, Have FUN and ENJOY!

    btw people in Taiwan used drums and trumpet to cheer for their team so……….you’ll see lol

  6. lost400

    Welcome to Taiwan!
    I’m also a Lamigo Monkeys’ fan!
    But you have to be sure that you can accommodate yourself to the “Error culture” in CPBL.
    Whatever, Lamigo is the best team in Taiwan!

    And be careful with the Elephants’ fans. Really.

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