Arrived in Taiwan!

I left on Friday and arrived in Taiwan on Sunday morning at 6am. This past day and a half of traveling has been wild. I left Fort Lauderdale, connected in Houston, flew to Los Angeles, and finally took the 15 hour flight over to Taipei. I was greeted by our translator “Luis” at the airport who was extremely nice and polite. He gave me the low down of the culture of the baseball in Taiwan.

When I arrived at 6am I was told we had a doubleheader at our home stadium. One thing that is different over here compared to the minor leagues is that their doubleheaders are nine innings. I somehow didn’t feel too jetlagged yet, so I came over to the field to meet my new teammates and coaching staff. I signed all my contracts and was given a ton of equipment to supply me for the next 2 years. Our home field is only two years old and is amazing. Its playing surface is pristine and the dugouts are huge. We have indoor batting cages and pitching mounds, as well as a state of the art workout facility under the stadium. The stadiums dimensions are pretty fair and the wind howls across from right to left, which can be beneficial as a pitcher. Their are two tiers and it looks like the stadium can hold around 20,000-25,000 fans. The locker rooms are well maintained and our pre-game spread was delicious dumplings. One were filled with pork and the others were more like a pastry and plain. I’m very excited to try out all the cultural food Taiwan has to offer.

Once we took the field I noticed many similarities of that to winterball. Managers play this game like it is the playoffs. Teams bunt early in the game and try to run. As the game goes on they will also play the matchups and get pitchers going in the bullpen to be ready for certain hitters. The most interesting parts I found so far was that when we score the player who scores runs along the dugout fence and slap hands with our teammates rather than coming into the dugout to be greeted. The other is after the 5th inning there is a 10-15 minute break for the grounds crew to re-paint the lines, batters box, and groom the field. It is like a half time in baseball. It should be interesting to see how pitchers react to this, because they can be cruising throughout the game and then have to wait for the game to resume. This can throw off their rhythm, so they need to focus and know how to be ready once the game resumes. There are some other rules that are different that play into affect. If a batter hits a homerun and the next batter is beaned with a ball, its an automatic ejection. Also if a batter is hit twice in one game, the pitcher is ejected.

I will be posting videos and pictures of sites around town once I get settled into an apartment or hotel. Please feel free to comment and ask questions and share this link with your friends.

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  1. Austin Yang(fan)

    Nice to hear that you like Taiwan so far. The Lamingo monkeys had tons of great comments from the fans, hardy any fans of CPBL dislike this team, unlike Sinon Bulls(green and white unform) and Brother Elephants(Yellow uniform). We will be looking forward to your first debut in CPBL!

  2. Kelvin Tsai

    I am a Taiwanese, a devoted fan to Uni-president 7-11 Lions Team, which is one of four teams in CBPL. Although I am a fan from your rival team, I still want to say “Welcome to Taiwan” to you and enjoy the game here. The culture of rooting for players is also very different and unique. Just feel the passion from your fans. At present, the Lions and the Monkeys are two most promising teams for the first-half-season champ. They are going to confront each other in three games in the next week. Hopefully, we can see you pitching then. The purpose of this message is just to say welcome and that your blog diary is very detailed and intersting!!

  3. JAYRC

    Congrats Scot!
    Thank-you for sharing all of your adventures with us. I look forward to reading and viewing your future content.

  4. justin

    i have to say u are very lucky to join the Lamigo monkeys. Unlike the brothers our team treat players much friendly. good luck in Taiwan! im very looking foward to see you pitching

  5. JOJO

    Welcome to Taiwan. I’m one of Lamigo Monkeys fans! Some of the fans of CPBL teams would like to discuss almost every detail of these teams on the Internet! We do know that “You’re Here”! As a crazy fan of Lamigo Monkeys, I’m so exciting that maybe you would be one of our SP. We fans are all exciting with your coming! And we hope that you would like this place, our home land, our country, Taiwan.

    I can’t wait to see you in our home feild!

    We love Lamigo Monkeys, and I believe that we will love you soon. I believe Taiwan is rearlly a captivating place and I hope you like this place and all things here in Taiwan.

    (BTW, Lamigo Monkeys…….that’s a wonderful choice!!)

  6. soft

    All the fans and the players of the Elephant are radical.

    There is more to Elephant than just a baseball team.

    Actually, their manager is proficient at Boxing and the players are good at ganging up to beating.

    Please tell your American friends who are baseball players not to join Elephant Sucks.

    Their coach like to overwork foreign players.

  7. Shawn

    HOWDY, Scot! just can’t believe you’re a gator lol. i thought you were longhorn since you mentioned somthin’ about Dallas and your twitter ID starts with “UT”. anyway, enjoy the games in TW, let them know not to mess with the Texans. most importantly, if you wannna stay away from any trouble on the field, pay double attenation when you see yellow jersey……they just suck.

  8. Christofer

    Welcome to Taiwan, Scot!
    I’m a Lamigo Monkeys fan, looking forward your first debut in Taiwan. Let’s go for the championship!

  9. sabrina

    Have u ever seen a player get beaten by their coach?!
    look at this vedio!
    it starts at 7:15

    the answer is the “elephant brothers”

  10. Craig Lee

    Welcome to Taowan! It’s good to see you want to taste the food here, which has already been selected as the “Gluttonus Cuty” by an inernational press: which means the food here is extremely delicious! I am a big fan of Lamigo Monkeys, and I can say that it’s the best team of the league. Well, I really hope u can enjoy the games here , and love the considerateness and hospitality of the people. Also, if u want to look for a local guide to stroll around the most famous scenic spots : Shiling night market, Taipei 101 building, etc, i’m glad to be one. U can contact me through the e-mail: duesen0822@hotmail.com.
    Go go Lamigos!!

  11. Vincente

    Welcome to Taiwan even though I’m a fan of Uni-Lions ! Wish you can pitch some great games excluding againt Lions
    Taiwan is a friendly country and has many delicious local food, I wish and believe you’ll love here !!

  12. fan of lamigo

    “歡迎光臨台灣” is better then “欢迎光临台湾.” Hope that you can win many games for lamigo.Welcome to Taiwan.

  13. Sullivan

    welcome to Taiwan & welcome to Lamigo Monkeys. We have a nice boss and better coach stuff in this league(compared to “Sinon” & “Brother”). BTW, there are so many kinds of delicious foods in Taiwan, go trying it. Look forward to your first debut!

  14. nobody

    Welcome to Taiwan!
    You may see “many” bunts in CPBL.
    Players and coaches here have particular preference for bunt.
    BTW, parts of above messages are too exaggerated and biased. Brother Elephant is a traditional team and has some controversial news. However, most games in this season are peaceful.
    I can’t wait to see your pitch!
    Hope you can enjoy games here 🙂

  15. Claw claw

    Welcome to Taiwan.

    FYI, watch out for the Yellow team.

    Especially No. 14, try not to you hit him (and very possible because he is HBP-specialist), otherwise he’ll…..just try NOT to.

    Welcome again.

  16. Wayne

    Elephants = villian, the rest three = good guys

    Taiwan is a very interesting country I can promise that you are going to have very special memories here.

    PS: “欢迎光临台湾” actually this is simple chinese which is used in China, not Taiwan. In Taiwan the main language is traditional chinese, so in traditional chinese the title of this article should be “歡迎光臨台灣”.

  17. jsnc

    Hey Scot,

    Welcome to Taiwan. I believe you’ll enjoy your time here, especially with the team Lamigo Monkeys.
    One thing to note though, since you’re in Taiwan, you might want to use Traditional Chinese from now on, instead of Simplified Chinese. (The title of this post is in Simplified Chinese, you can refer to hopper’s comment for what Traditional Chinese would look like for the same title) This way, I believe can help the fans know you much better : )

  18. kawai

    Welcome to Taiwan!!
    I’m monkey’s fan.
    there’re kinds of differences between U.S. and Taiwan even in the baseball field or outside.
    wish u enjoy the game, the culture and the people in Taiwan!!

  19. Quentin

    Welcome to Taiwan~
    I’m Lion’s fan, but i think monkey is a good team too.
    Wish you enjoy the games and anything in Taiwan~

  20. owen1phd

    Hey Scot!

    I am very HAPPY as you come here for helping us to win some games. Actually, the only team could give us minacity is uni-lion, so that’s why our team need ur pitching to against them. In CPBL, you will need some time to adapt our baseball culture such as cheer squad or the interaction with your teamate or umpire, but I bet that is nothing to you cuz I believe you could give us the same pitching content like our ACE : “Ken Ray”~~~ Hope you could do your best and I will go to the court to watch your first starting game in Taiwan. If you have any question in Taiwanese culture or BASEBALL culture, maybe you could ask me if you want, I will do my best for you!! Wish you all the best Buddy!! Cheers ^^


  21. Eriol

    Happy Birthday!!Wish you love Taiwan and enjoy Taiwan baseball. I’m looking forward your pitching.

  22. Scot Drucker

    Thank you very much for all the comments and welcome wishes! Thanks for the birthday wishes as well. Just got back from the field on our off day, got some running and throwing in.

  23. 洪一中


    • Christofer

      Come on, dude! Treat Scot nicely instead of tricks, okay?
      He’s our team’s new hope and new blood.
      Can’t wait to see Scot’s debut.
      Wish you everything goes well in Taiwan.
      Btw, Lamigo fans are quiet passionate!
      We’ll cheer for you with great applause with hands or sticks when you on the mound. Haha…..Enjoy cultural baseball shock in TW! lol…

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