1st half coming to an end

The first half is coming to an end and we are trying to make a push to win to get an early playoff spot. These last three games against the Lions have been very exciting and tough on us. The fans came out and pushed us to perform, but we had some struggles. We ended up getting swept by them. We are currently 4 games back, but have a couple of make-up games to play and gain some ground.

I threw against the Lions last night for my first start in Taiwan. We played in Pingtong, but were the home team. In this league although there are only 4 teams, but we play in about 12 different stadiums around the island. I kind of like that because it allows me to see the rest of the country. Pingtong is located in the south part of the island. When I stepped out of the bus I was greeted by local kids asking for autographs and fans wishing me good luck for my start. I also noticed how extremely hot and humid it was down there. The stadium is fairly old in the sense that the stands were cement seats. Even with the heat the fans filled the seats and the drums and trumpets were ready to go. I felt good and threw well. I ended up going 7 innings, 2 runs (1 might have been earned), 7 hits, and I believe 5 strikeouts. I left the game with us winning 4-2, but we ended up losing 6-4. It was a lot of fun to pitch in this kind of atmosphere. Like I have said in earlier blogs, these fans have such a respect for the game and are always rooting for you.

Here is a picture of my first line up card

Here is the highlight footage of my first game. Thanks to the fan who sent me this link.


Here are some more interesting things I have noticed or seen over here.

-Our cab driver had a karaoke machine in his car. 2 tvs, 2 microphones. Of course when my American teammates and I stepped in the cab, Achy Breaky Heart comes on and the driver hands me the mic.

-After 10pm our “band” is not allowed to beat the drum or play the instruments to pump up the crowd.

-We stayed in dorms when we went down south to play the Lions at CC Lake.

-There is one American umpire over here, who actually was behind the plate for my game

-When we lose we have a team meeting after the game with the manager and coaches to go over the game.

Before we got on the high speed rail I checked out some of the food at the convenient store in the station

For the park and ride system at the rail station they do it a little different. Maybe this is where all the couples come to make out.

Always good to see a picture of our mascot.


Thanks for all the new followers and fans! Please share my blog with your friends, and feel free to ask questions and make comments. I love your feedback.

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  1. baelrog

    Closer imploding on you. Yeah, it happens. *Sigh*

    You pitched real well yesterday. Hats off. You actually gave me hope when the lineup is crippled as it is now.

    Well, looking forward to the second half of the season.

  2. kevin

    Welcome to Taiwan!
    You did a good job in this game.
    You are a nice pitcher in Lamigo monkeys.
    We hope you get the winner in next game.

  3. Michael Chen

    Nice pitch!
    Hope you can quickly get used to the hot and moist weather in Taiwan, especially in summer!

  4. kai

    Hi Scot!!
    I saw the game last night on TV, you did a good job.
    Nice pitch!
    It’s good to see a powerful pitcher joining us.
    See you at Tauyuan.

  5. frank

    welcome to Taiwan, Scot. You really had a quality start last night. You will become our another powerful starting pitcher like Ray.
    It’s a pitty that our closer didnt close the game well. Honestly, i have been the fan of lamigo for a long time. Our reliever pitchers always perform well in the beginning of the season, and the engery level goes downhill very quickly and greatly in the middle of the season, not to mention the end of the season or playoff.
    Thats’ the problem, which the pitcher coach and the energy training coach should work it out. Otherwise, the vicotry which seems guranteed to you, will end up be the oppsite again.
    However, i think our batting is still the sharpest team in the league. I strongly believe that when 52# and 31# come back, the batting support will be much stronger than now.
    The batting is more trustworthy than our bullpen.
    Anyway, i am looking forward to your first victory in Lamigo and hope you get used to everything here.


  6. william tANG

    NICE PITCHING!~~~even lose the game, bt it’s a good game ! enjoy your baseball season in TW!!!

  7. Johnny Gui

    How about this link? It’s the same one with higher quality and clear to watch than before.
    As the first time start in Taiwan, you have a nice performance last night!

  8. Dean

    Welcome to Taiwan!!!

    Taiwan ever have two leagues (6 teams of CPBL & 5 teams of TML) a couple years ago.

  9. Wang

    Hello Scot!!!
    Welcome to Taiwan!!

    You did excellent in your first start.

    Hope you can maintain this kind of performance 

    I’am a high school student in Taoyuan

    I enjoy playing baseball with my friends

    Although we are just amateurs

    I am very curious about your life in MiLB

    1.How come you come to Taiwan at your age?!!
    (’cause most of foreign players played in Taiwan at the of age 35 )  
      You still have an opportunity to pitch in MLB!
      You are only 25~26 and you have already in AAA

    2.How much is you salary in minor league?!!

    Also,how much in Lamigo ?!!

    Hope you can reply my questions,thx!!

    Have fun in Taiwan!!!   

  10. bill house


    I thought our Toledo fans really supported our Hens and You. Looking at the comments from Taiwan it looks like they love your blog. Congratulations on the solid start to a great season.
    When they get to know you, notice that crazy shoe collection, and watch how you connect with the fans and reach out to support those in the community I expect we will see even more positive comments. Really respect the way you went to the winter meetings, promoted yourself, went to GP and pitched well, then landed with a quality team with great fans in Lamigo. Life sometimes brings you great rewards when you keep working hard and look forward to the future. Will try to find internet link to watch one of the good guys in baseball pitch in his next game. Lamigo USA fan club.

  11. jill chen

    A silly question to ask. Why do you choose “0#” as your number on the team? It’s very funny. 😛
    Today is the Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan, and it’s a traditional holiday for Chinese people. Did you eat ” Zong zi (steamed rice dumplings) today?
    Well, Heat won today and hope you can keep going on!

  12. Scot Drucker

    Thanks again everyone for all the compliments and comments. I hope to have continued success for my time out here. Im really enjoying the lifestyle and culture. I can’t explain how important the fan support is. The team and I love it!

    My agent got me hooked up with Taiwan. I always wanted to try to play overseas no matter what my age is. Im currently 29 and Im so glad I have had the ability to play in the Dominican, Puerto Rico, Mexico and now Taiwan. To be able to travel and play baseball is the best job in the world. Minor league salaries are not great in the US, but overseas they can be much better. It also gives us the opportunity to play in Korea or Japan where you can make even more money. – best of luck in your season Wang!

    I have had #0 for the past couple of seasons, and when Lamigo asked me I felt like sticking with the same number. I feel it is unique and has some good luck. Our trainer mentioned about the Dragon boat festival, but we didn’t have a way to get around town today to check it out. I tried the Zong Zi the other day in the locker room. It was very good! I’m ready to try whatever else Taiwan has to offer. I woke up early today to watch the Heat and was glad they pulled off the win.

    bill house – thanks for the continued support. Im trying to find out a website that streams our games, but they would be live in the US around 6am. We are 12 hours ahead of you guys EST. I heard that Justin.tv does or http://zh-tw.justin.tv/

    If anyone knows a website I can show my friends and family where to watch the CPBL games I would really appreciate it.

  13. Winters Wang


    Here you are!

    this website has the video of the game which you pitch in 2011/06/05.
    It will remains the video of games after the games is finished for few weeks

    It will live broadcasting “almost” every single game of CPBL

    We may keep giving you the link of video, Don’t worry ^^

  14. bill house

    Mr Drucker,

    It looks like you are going to write blogs more often for all the great fans in Lamigo and the USA. If this keeps going you will need a staff just to keep you on schedule. It is just amazing how quickly your life has changed. Sometimes I think you under estimate just how “good” a pitcher you have become during the last three seasons. Think you are going to surprise a lot of people and really establish yourself this year and help Lamigo go the distance and finish strong in the playoffs. I salute the outstanding fans in Lamigo. Lets go Monkeys !!!

  15. Fox

    Hey, Druck,
    It’s pretty interesting to read your blog, you really mentioned something I might not pay attention before, or never considered as a difference between here and there. You, any journeymen or who play indy ball, really inspire me to face challenges and encourge me step foward. Good to see you’re doing well there, not just on field, but other perspectives. Good luck, dude, expecting your next post, you’re my player!

  16. bill house

    Why is it the more you pitch in a season the more successful and effective you become in locating your pitchers and consistenly getting hitters out ? Type of guy that needs the ball every fifth day.

    Still cannot believe you went from Florida to GP and pitched that many innings in your first start.

    The more I watch you, the more impressed I become with your intelligence and ability.

    Lamigo made a great choice for the team and great fans when the signed you for this season.

  17. Eric L

    Great to see you are still playing, lost ya after Toledo- my third favorite minor league team only behind the Durham bulls and the Stockton Ports- wishing u the best of luck- my daughter still has your bobble head from when u played rookie ball- looking forward to seeing more of your blogs-


  18. bill house

    Question Next Blog: Can you talk about any changes in your routine between starts. Do they require you to throw a lot more between starts ? Is the pitching coach more involved in refining mechanics ? Is the conditioning approach any different ? Height of mound ? Size of strike zone ?
    Do they stay with starters, or use relief pitchers quickly ? How many pitchers on rosters ?

    Later blogs, lot of talk this week on ” International Draft for MLB ” any stores on this issue or thoughts from players.
    What is off season like for players in the league ?

    Just make sure we do not have the catcher tipping your pitches again, and you are going to have a big year !

  19. po

    Welcome to Taiwan..
    You are powerful pitcher..
    Lamigo need your help to win the sencond half season..
    Don’t be disappointed you did not win in last 2 games..
    I hope you will win very soon ..GO…!!

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