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2 weeks in Taiwan so far and I’m finally getting settled in. I have recently moved into my apartment which is located about 15 minutes from the field. Prior to moving in I was staying at a gorgeous hotel called the Kuva Chateau. I’m living in a three bedroom apartment with another player, David Welch. He’s a left-handed pitcher from Australia and had played with the Brewers prior to coming out here.

My last start didn’t go as planned. I pitched against the Elephants, who seem to be the Yankees of Taiwan in the sense of their fan base. Their fans come out in large masses and root on their team. I threw 6 innings, giving up 4 runs and took the loss. I had 2 outs in the 4th inning and somehow gave up 3 runs after that. Just needed to make some better pitches.

This week we are having to play our make up games. When games are rained out or delayed over here, they have to be played on the same day of the week as the original game was scheduled as well as in the same stadium. Usually there is a two week break in between the first and second halves, but we have these make up games.

Today we had a spring training type practice. It consisted of the normal conditioning, fundamentals, base running, bunt defense, and after lunch we had batting practice. With the number of injuries we have currently, the front office staff is allowing for the minor league players to come join our team and play with us. Hopefully they will take advantage of their time, play well, and learn from the others. Our minor league team has some young and exciting players to be on the look out for.

Went to the mall yesterday. Just like any other mall in the world. The only difference is the clothing sizes are very different. For men I don’t believe I could find anything in my size. Even when I arrived and was asked my size for shirts and uniforms, I said large or XL. I was then giving a 3XL shirt which fit like a large. The styles I’ve noticed out here so far are very loud (colorful) shoes and clothing. Young female adults like wearing knee high socks that are the same color or completely different. The biggest trend right now or around town are black “sunglasses/eyeglasses” without any frame in them. So it just looks like a halloween professor costume piece.

Also had a chance to goto Taipei and checked out the Night Market and the electronics market.

Here is a link of a Video from my night in Taipei

Now onto the fans questions…..

-currently we are on a 5 man rotation, but only play 3-4 games a week, so the pitchers usually have 6-7 days in between starts.

-our teammates embrace american players very well. As much as we are trying to learn new things and techniques, they want to learn from us too.

-hardest and most expensive part being here is getting cabs to and from the field every single day.

-Scooters are everywhere here. I wish I had my 1999 yahama jog here with me. I’m still seeing if I can find a place to rent a scooter or borrow someones around town. anyone that can help I would really appreciate it.

-There are the normal Mcdonalds, subway, KFC (or KLC) over here

-We play at 10-12 different stadiums throughout Taiwan with only 4 teams in the league. If we are the home team at an away stadium, our team brings all of our sponsor banners from our outfield and hangs them at the field. The team store also comes on the road.

-Fans come from all over to watch these games. It would be interesting to know how far some travel to witness these games.

-The tv coverage is done extremely well over here. There are tons of camera angles for any play.

-the routine is very similar to the US for pitchers and in between starts. Its up to you when you want to throw your bullpen. Because theres so much rest between starts, I try to get 2 in during the week.

-conditioning is very important over here and they stress it. Usually before we even stretch we run for 15 minutes. Its extremely hot over here and the extra conditioning will help in the long run.

-they stick with the starters for the most part. Not many pitching changes in the game like winterball. They don’t seem to play the matchups all the time, like I have noticed in the DR or Mexico.

-there is one US umpire over here and I have had him for both of my starts. So far the strike zone has been fair and good. The field conditions are usually good, but the mounds are low and usually get holes in the landing spot after an inning or two.

Thanks as always for reading and sharing your comments and questions. I hope I got to everyones questions. Go Lamigo!

Link from my second game

Link from the first game

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  1. a lamigo fan

    Do you like to share any interesting discovery of your night market seeing beside the video? The turtle you saw might be soft-shelled turtles. its blood is said to be a kind of medicine that can make man feel energetic. But I don’t know if it is true. I never eat it and not every Taiwanese dare to try it, haha.

    Your blog is really good. I like the way you share your Taiwan experience with all the fans. There are highs and lows in the life, and so are in the games. Hope you’ll have better performance in the next game. 🙂

  2. JOJO

    To help people here in Taiwan to lern more about you, I translated this article into Chinese!! and put it on the page of lamigo fans.(BBS) All these articles (and some of your twitters) have been translated by enthusiastic fans here. :”)

    can’t wait your next game…..and article.

  3. Taiwanese from Taiwan, the independent and democratic island country

    Hey Scot what’s good? I’m glad to see you getting along with Taiwanese people and blending yourself in with the whole Taiwan culture. A growing amount of fans love to read your blog, and I hope that you can keep us posted with a sense of humor and a sharp angle. Good luck on your career here in Taiwan. By the way, I do not support any of the specific team. I support sports in Taiwan in general. Cheers.

    — A Taiwanese local.

  4. Scot Drucker

    Thanks for the help! I love sharing the experience with as many fans I can. Hopefully my blog doesn’t get lost in translation. Please send me the link so I can share it on my twitter.


  5. JOJO

    We fans here use BBS(Bulletin Board System) more often to discuss all the things related to CPBL. And here is the link of translation. My English ability is not great, and I’m not an English native speaker. But I don’t think that is a problem.

    I try to translate it in (our) native way. Let it be much more reading-friendly. All the raw articles stay with translations, and they can refer to your words at the same time. There are still losts of people good at English here ,and these translation is just a way to save time. So don’t worry about that(Lost in translation) :D.

  6. bill house

    The Lamigo USA fan club thinks CPBL and Fans are great ! I hope Scot will help the team make the playoffs this season. It is nice to see all the positive support for the team, players and community.

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