It keeps getting hotter!

The first half gets under way tonight in Chayi against the Elephants. When I joined the team in late May we were a couple games out of first place. Once June came around we had a lot of injuries and went on a bad losing streak. I believe we only won 4-5 games in June. I’m glad that the season is split into halves. It gives our guys hope and a fresh start to go forward trying to win a championship.

This past week I went back into Taipei, this time with my “physio” athlete trainer Patrick Hung. Patrick is one of two athletic trainers on the team who take care of the entire team. I told “patty-cake”, as the foreigners call him, to show me parts of Taipei a normal tourist wouldn’t think to go. We started on the red line of the MRT and headed to Guandu. There was a magnificent temple there where many locals come to pray. I wanted to take video to show the act of worship here, but I did not because I didn’t want to be disrespectful to anyones privacy during worship. It was very interesting though. There are individual rooms and statues for different types of worship. People will burn incense and bow and pray to their respective statue for certain help. Fruits, food, and other perishable goods are brought to the temple to show thanks. They also burn faux money in a fireplace for prayer.

Our next stop was to a natural preserve which was a huge mangrove park. There were crabs everywhere. These crabs were special and had one large claw and one small one. We then headed to Danshui which was like a large daytime street market. The air was filled with fresh cooked food ranging from pork, chicken, and squid. Many kids roamed around the boardwalk and played carnival style games. Ice cream seemed to be the biggest seller there. Everyone had cones with multi-colored ice cream over a foot  tall.

We then jumped onto a ferry and boated over to Bali. We rented bikes and rode about 10 miles to Shihsanhang. There was an amazing museum there which gave a rich history of the area and architecture. There was a lot of artifacts from the aborigines, which helped cultivate the area we were in.

This past week the Monkeys as a team visited a temple to take part in a ceremony to wish us luck going forward with the season. I’m hoping for less rain. We were rained out for four days straight last week trying to get our final make up game in.

This weekend we had a three game series with the Elephants. They finished the first half playing extremely well and are looking to make a push in the second half as are we. In our first game Ken Ray threw a complete game, but was the tough luck loser as the Elephants scored on a safety squeeze. He only gave up three hits in the game. We lost Friday 1-0.

Steve Hammond took to the mound on Saturday in Kaoushung and threw a gem. He went the distance and threw a nine inning shutout for us. We won 1-0.

On Sunday it was my turn to try to compete with our starters magnificent starts. I threw eight innings giving up two runs and we won 7-2. Our hitters gave me a lot of support with a handful of home-runs. Our defense was great behind me and my catcher called a great game. It was a huge team win especially to take two out of three games on the road. Thanks to all the fans for coming out to all the games. It really makes playing in front of them very exciting. They are cheering non-stop. I apologize for not being able to sign too many autographs after the game. Our team makes us get on the bus as soon as possible so that we can get on the road since we had a five hour drive back. We truly love all of your support, cheers, and signs.

Please share my blog with all your friends and fans. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments. I’m very excited for the second half and to help our team make it to the playoffs.

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Highlights from my last game Click HERE




  1. Kevin John Gilhooly

    Quality starts – that’s the secret! (Glad you’re getting to see the real area, as well.)

  2. JOJO

    The Translation of this article is done!!
    This is a very good article.
    I, as a Lamigo fan, was touched when I read it.

    And you got a win today!! Congratulation!!

    First Win in CPBL!

  3. Eric

    great pitch on Sunday, I also like your attitude, no matter on the diamond or interaction with fans on blog, keep it up!!!

  4. 愛台灣

    Useful Chinese phrase :
    愛台灣–(pronunciation)===>[ eye-dai-wan ]
    means I Love Taiwan!
    It is a vernacular language and really useful here.

    Try it? 愛~~台~~灣~~ [eye~~Dai~~ Wan~~]

  5. ic

    It’s nice of you for not taking picture in the temple. My grandmom goes to that temple and complains about people taking picture of her without asking.

  6. bill house

    The more you pitch, the better you get during a season ! Nice to get the win. Bigger picture is that you have pitched well in ST, GP, and now in CPBL.
    Keep working hard, make the little adjustments, and do not let others define and limit who you are as a player and person. You have the right stuff to make a “major” leap forward this season.
    Watching you sometimes, I get the feeling you are thinking about the “last pitch” and that my friend creates a formula for just one big inning. Maturity and confidence will take you to the next level.

  7. sddd

    Taiwan is a good country. There are many kind people and interesting things to you. You will love it. Your team is the best one here. I think you will help them to be the champion in this year. Enjoy you life in Taiwan…^^


    Hi Scot what’s popping?

    I’m real glad to see that you’re, first off, winning and getting to know the country better.

    Taiwan’s got a lot more than you can imagine, so just explore deeper while you can.

    You’d be glad that you made an awesome choice coming to play in Taiwan. The whole Taiwan experience’s got to be one of the most unforgettable memories in your life, MAN!

  9. hopper

    GJ again!!! Do you know what happen to our pitchers? They pitched so good last week, and could you talking about our pitch coaches ?

  10. END

    希望你能繼續加油,保持好表現 :)

  11. Rex Su

    patty-cake showed you one of the best day trips in Taipei. I am glad you enjoyed the mangrove trees. It is my favorite spot in Taipei. Partly because I forget that I am in Taipei when I am there. There are plenty of Taipei and North-Coast to explore, such as Bei-Tou, and the Gold-mountain area. I love the fresh and observant views in your blog. I hope you continue to discover parts of Taiwan that amazes you. Of course, as a long time La new Bears/Lamigo Monkeys fan, I hope to see you in the Asian Champion Series for years to come.

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