Random News and thoughts

The opening to the 2nd half of the season, or “lower half” as it is known by the locals in the locker room, has started real well for the Lamigo Monkeys. We opened up 8-2. We won 7 games in a row, until tonight where we were “boat raced” by the Elephants. Our starting pitching along with our hitting has really come together. Although we are still missing our two superstar hitters, some players are taking advantage of their time on the field and making the best of it. They are making great plays in the field as well as hitting in clutch situations.

Once again made a stop into Taipei on the off day. Finally got to check out all the sneaker stores I’ve been waiting to find. I met a Brooklyn born Korean store owner of Born Trouble in Ximen named Andrew. He gave me the exclusive tour of all the sneaker and clothing shops around Ximen. His store is just a month old, but has a lot of unique street wear that is only available in the US. Please be sure to check out his blog and store here.

Random Questions/answers

-The gatorade that we drink at the field is called Pocari sweat. Its like a gatorade ice flavor

-Most players do not wear cups here. I have no idea why, but doesn’t make sense to me.

-The cleats that are used here are mostly patent leather and have a different spike pattern than those in the US

-The cheerleaders are only at our home games and only on the weekend

-Video highlights and game footage can be found here or http://www.youtube.com/user/starclanbaseball  This guy posts everything! Thanks by the way

-I finally had the suction cup treatment done to me today. Hopefully I don’t bruise too badly.

-The MVP of the game is supposed to by a fruit type drink for the entire team the next day. Steve Hammond supplied us with a watermelon drink on Sunday.

-Garbage trucks drive around playing ice cream truck music. I was saddened when I rushed out of my apartment one of my first weeks here to get a snowcone, and was greeted by a smelly garbage truck.

-The managers do not meet with the umpires prior to the game to exchange line up cards or discuss ground rules.

-Supposedly from what I heard, umpires here are rated each game, and can be fined or punished for making incorrect calls.


Thanks for checking out the blog. Sorry for the short post. Not much to detail this week other than we have been winning which is always nice. Please comment and leave any questions in any language. I want to hear back from you all and make the blog more interactive.

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  1. Julian Shen

    It has been a really interesting thing to keep focusing on your blog in Monkey fan’s lives,

    I would like to tell you,
    We feel very lucky to own you these outstanding pitchers!

    Here’s a question, did the name of your blog come from the movie “No strings attached”?

    Maybe next time you can share the experience about riding motorcycles in Taiwan~


  2. Scot Drucker

    The suction cup treatment was very different from anything else I have experienced. Im not 100% sold on it that it works. All I know is that it leaves me with huge black and blue marks like tattoos.

    The name of the blog actually came from a journalist for minorleaguebaseball.com when he initially had asked me to start writing back in the US.

    thanks again for the comments….enjoy!

  3. bill house

    Good luck with your start tonight. Glad things are coming together and that you are having a breakout season. To be honest, I’m not surprised by your success. You have always had the ability and right stuff to be a major league pitcher.
    You are starting to put “all” the pieces together. I respect you for never giving up on yourself, making the sacrafice’s to move forward, and most of all the respect that you have showed the game and the fans.
    We both know you could play it safe and have a comfortable life back in Florida. I believe baseball needs you !
    I truely believe that in the future you will be pitching in the Majors. Will be watching you and thinking about your journey and how you earned it the old fashion way.

  4. Dave

    Hi Scot,

    First I would like to said great blog, love the work. Hope you can use the success in CPBL and make back to the BIG later in your career like Milvin Mora did before.

    As for the suction cup treatment goes, I believe it is called fire cupping in the States. It’s an anicent Chinese medical pratice, the concept is creating a local suction to mobilize blood flow in order to promote healing. It is also know to treat stiffness on neck, back or shoulder. The treatment should makes you more relax and invigorate.

    Last hope you enjoy your stay at Taiwan. It’s a great place, with great people and full of great things.

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