Don’t forget to screw in your cleats!

Last night prior to my start in Tainan against the Lions (sorry had the Elephants before made the correction now), I’m about to warm up on the field and noticed something is wrong with one of my cleats. I look down and see that my metal spikes are about to come off. For those of you who don’t know many Asian type cleats are interchangeable and have screws and metal plates with the cleats on them. My cleat was missing two screws and the metal frame was dangling. I guess I didn’t realize after each start you should tighten up the screws because they can come loose. This all happened 20 minutes before the game. I scrambled around the locker room looking for someone who one had the special tool to unscrew them or some extra screws. Luckily, our equipment manager Ashton found the tool. Unfortunately, that was all that he found. I had to now remove the middle cleat plate from both shoes to be worn evenly. This was extremely awkward at first when I started to jog and get loose, but I guess it could have been worse.

The game wasn’t one of my better games. We lost 4-3 and I threw 5.1 innings. I left the game tied at 2. The most amazing part of the game was the rain delay. As typhoon type rain came down in the top of the 8th inning, the field crew runs on the field and covers the mound and home plate. I then noticed them putting 10 x 10 foot tarps over each base individually. I turn to Steve Hammond and ask where is the big tarp to cover everything. He replies you are looking at them.  I only wish I was able to get video or pictures of the amount of rain that came down and was sitting on the field. I honestly would have bet $100 that there was no chance we could play especially after an hour of non stop rain and with the baselines, second base, short stop, and third base completely exposed. After the rain stopped about 30 kids ran onto the field with sponges and soaked up the field. I laughed a bit seeing these guys with small sponges trying to work, because there was so much water. I have to give it to them though, they worked very hard and somehow we got the rest of the game in.

Notes from the week

– Reminder you can not hit a batter who has hit a homerun in that game. If you do you are ejected. That happen to one of our guys last week. Worst part was it was on a bad slider in which he lost control of it. But rules are rules I guess.

– If you hit a batter in the head you are ejected. This happened last night with our pitcher. I believe the hitter is doing fine and sustained no serious injuries.

– With all of these pitcher ejections, I don’t think you have to leave the dugout or get fined.

– The All-Star game is this weekend in Kaohsiung. The entire team is based on fan votes. There is some starter going with a 5.50 ERA and a losing record. But must be a fan favorite.

– A lot of friends have asked me about some of the equipment out here. The best place to get custom gloves, arm guards, and leg guards is  Ask for my friend Derick. They are extremely professional and the workmanship of the gloves is the best. You can pretty much customize any part of the glove. They ship worldwide.

Thanks for reading and sharing my blog. Thank you to my USA followers and new Taiwanese followers. I hope that I am still keeping you entertained and ask that you please leave comments, questions, or suggestions. I love reading your feedback.

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  1. Fox

    elephants? I thought it was lions, or you think they all looked the same? lol

    I don’t like Asian type cleats ever, they……well, I just don’t like them……

    after seeing your facebook posts and your blog, thinking about you might have something about making business……

  2. m554991

    i hope you will have fun during the all-star game
    keep going
    i’m looking forward to your next starting
    good luck

  3. Danters

    You mentioned about that there is a starter who is going to pitch in the all-star game with high ERA and losing record.

    It’s clear truth that most votes that pitcher got are from the Elephants’ fans, and that made many of Lamigo’s fans got angry, because the Elephants’ fans just voted for whoever player as long as he is in the Elephants. They don’t even consider player’s record is good or bad, as long as they wear yellow shirt……….

    This voting is kind of the war between Lamigo’s fans and Elephants’ fans.
    If we consider the record at the first, Ray should be the starter pitcher, at the moment, and Lamigo fans vote for Ray , However, since Elephants got way more fans than us.

    Elephants’ fans got reason that this is the all star game of Taiwan, then we should vote for a Taiwanese…(I believe that there isn’t any racist.. )

    It’s kind of reasonable for me, but I think even we have to vote for a Taiwanese, we should choose a good pitcher with good performance.

    Any way , I just wanna tell you about this, sorry for my bad English.

  4. 楊巔峰

    這就是台灣棒球 超直白 爛隊總是有球迷 聯盟就是他家開的
    你比他強很多 你也有很多球迷 我也是你的球迷
    反正你就當來玩 你會發現明星賽先發都是一片YELLOW!!

  5. 彭煒傑

    就連同隊比他成績好幾10倍的Orlando Roman都輸給他~~

  6. Danters

    Let me translate 0.0

    first one,
    keep going, you got our support . you’re a great pitcher.
    second ,
    (he’s basically complaint about the all-star game), he said you are much better and tougher than them. You got many fans as well, including himself. Keep going.
    You pitch very well, impressive. keep going~!!!
    With your good performance , take the Lamigo to the playoffs.

    The vocabulary “加油” I translate into Keep going. In here it means that you’re doing well, keep the good performance, and keep fighting.

  7. kelvinkao

    Haha, yes. This is why I always vote against the Elephants even if they have the best player at a particular position. Need to balance it out a little bit.

  8. Lion fan

    I remember Tainan baseball field have big tarp……lol
    However,not all baseball field in Taiwan has a big tarp.This is the characteristics of Taiwan’s professional baseball–Inadequate equipment…..

  9. john t.

    Have fun during the all-star game. Can’t wait your opinion and comment on CPBL all-star game. Have nice game. Go Monkeys!

  10. a lamigo fan

    Heard that you are looking for some good Mexican food from your tritter. I don’t have the tritter account so I leave some useful message here. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

    1.Goodday Restaurant–
    This restaurant has a branch near Ximending
    Add: 3F., No.116, Hanzhong St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City
    (in Eslite Bookstore Building)

    2. Smokey Joe’s–
    This restaurant is in Kaohsiung; you can check it out when the team has games there.

  11. Scot Drucker

    Just to clarify everything that is being said on here and around the other baseball forums. I’m not jealous, envious, or upset about the all star voting. I just found it interesting that the fans have the ultimate choice of who goes to the game. In the states, the fans have a percentage, along with the media, managers, and other players. It was just for comparison and observation.

    Thanks for the restaurant details Lamigo fan, Ill be sure to check them out.

  12. 潘宗暐

    Hi,Mr.Drucker. I’m your Taiwanese fan. My English is not good.
    Elephant has the most baseball fan in Taiwan. So any vote on baseball star is their special skill. And the vote mode is not the best. Everyone can let ballot vote for someone who receive the most endorsement.
    Do not think too much!

  13. JACK


    加油!! 拿下勝投王!!

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