Welcome to the Scooter Capital of the World

  Scooters in Taipei outside of the Main Station

Many people in the United States when they think of scooters, think about driving one in Key West or Hawaii along the beach and park and drink alcoholic beverages with umbrellas in them. That is the complete opposite thought of scooters over here in Taiwan. Scooters in Taiwan are a way of life. They provide transportation for individuals, families, and supplies. Just when I think I have seen it all over here something new pops up. I have seen 3 people on a 1 and 2 person scooter. I have seen infants as passengers, many elderly drivers, and workers transporting large gas canisters on the back of them. The other day when I thought there was a wreck in the middle of the street, it wasn’t, it was a scooter who had too many cardboard boxes that fell off and made a mess in the intersection.

Scooters seem to always have the right of way when it comes to the road laws. There usually is a designated lane on the right of the road for scooters, but many of them weave in and out of traffic. From speaking with local players, they tell me that cars must give the right of way to all scooters and are liable for any accidents. Driving on these roads with the amount of scooters and cars can be pretty scary. Drivers will just pull out of side streets without looking and expect cars to stop or move out of the way. Scooters will drive on the other side of the road against on coming traffic to get to the traffic light quicker. The hardest part of owning a scooter is trying to find parking for it. There are designated spots for scooters, but with the amount of them here it becomes very tough to park “legally”. If you make your “own” spot, you can be towed and they will mark on the street with chalk where your scooter was towed. Hopefully it doesn’t rain and wash away the chalk or you will never find your scooter.

Luckily with all of the traffic and aggressive driving scooter drivers must wear helmets.

Big congratulations to Yo-Yo from the Lamigo Monkeys for winning the Homerun Derby during the All-Star game.

Our manager gave us Friday and Saturday off for the All Star break. Just got home from our Sunday workout with the minor league team. Day off tomorrow then practice Tuesday and games Thursday through Sunday. Come check us out. We will be in Taichung for most of the week.

Probably headed back into Taipei tomorrow. Yesterday I checked out the night market in Shilin off the MRT red line. The food there looked delicious and smelled amazing. The fruits were so colorful and fresh. I just need some help identifying what everything is. Also if you see me or one of the other imports in the streets, come up to us and say hi. We love interacting with local fans and will sign an autograph or take a picture. I noticed some people starring at me the other day on the MRT. I don’t bite, I’m friendly.

Thanks as always for reading and sharing my blog with others. Thanks to my Taiwanese fans for translating my blog and posting it in your forums.

PS – There was a lot of talk about my comments last week about the all-star game voting and I think it got lost in translation. In no way was I disrespecting the player or envious of him. It was only my outlook of how the voting for the all star game worked. I found it interesting that only the fans vote, and not the managers, players, or media.

Please comment and leave feedback.

For my US fans, here is the link to my statistics. I know it can be tough to find them online or even understand them.

So far 39.1 inns 2.74 ERA 22k’s 9 bb     http://www.cpbl.com.tw/personal_Rec/pbat_personal.aspx?Pno=A0B2&Gno=01&Role=2&pbatpage=1

Due to the rain we were forced to practice indoors. Literally indoors taking ground balls on a marble floor and getting treatment on top of our ice cooler.

Im no special photographer, but I love this pic

  View from the High Speed Rail heading to Taipei

  I love the Panda Jeremy Scott Adidas shoes! I’m jealous Taiwan and Asia gets so many special sneaker releases. If anyone owns a sneaker store or has friends who do, please contact me. I’m a huge sneaker collector and would love to get in contact with more people in Taiwan.


  1. monkey fan

    Due to your blogs,I’v learnd more about foreign baseball players’ points of view about taiwan baseball cultures and a local lifes.Wish you may have a good performance in next start.

  2. Ben Roth

    Haha, those stats are hillarious when translated. No four dead, Garrison opportunities, assassination, pirates of the base resistance kill, I hit the face, agricultural/brothers/unity. Lol!

  3. john t.

    Yeah! Watch out the scooters, when you are walking on the street. I be scared by scooters sometime. I have been living here for 37 years.

    I am looking forward to meet you on street. My sons like you and Monkeys whole team.

    I watched the all-star game on TV. The good signs are the major power batter look
    good, they might be back soon. And Yo-Yo won the home run derby game. Monkeys’
    batters had nice play in this game.

    Let’s win the champion of 2011. Go Monkeys ! Go Scot !

  4. BH

    Looks like you are adjusting well to your new environment. Learning a lot and growing as a person and trying a lot of new things. Respecting the culture and people, still reaching out to the fans and making them feel apart of the team and more important the game of baseball.
    Thanks for posting the stats. Those are some rock solid numbers as you continue this breakout season! Keep working hard and smart, we just need to find that one little adjustment or one new pitch, that will put you in the majors. How many times have we seen it work before in others career. Believe !

  5. alex

    Thanks for the active blog. Like a tourist and a ballplayer, very nice. We recently hosted Chinese students in the US, so it’s nice to see the baseball over there. I hope you enjoy your time there. Good luck in your games.

  6. Local Taiwanese fan

    DUDE! Sounds like you’re pretty much of a hipster! Taiwan is a place with tradition and fashion all blended in. You might want to ask the Lamigo Goods shop clerks, or get in touch with the local select shops hidden in the streets. You’d be amazed that we Taiwanese are of awesome taste…. seriously, man.


    • Local Taiwanese fan - Kev

      Just to add my name so that you know it’s this Kev posting. If I ever saw you, I’d come over and say hi, instead of staring at you like I was spotting some kind of monster. lol

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