Taking the week off

Sorry for not posting the normal blog entry on Monday/Tuesday, but I am going to take this week off from the blog to regather my thoughts.

My performance on the field hasn’t been as effective as I want it to be and I want to get back to pitching better. We also received a new foreign import this week in Shane Youman, which means one of our imports is going to be the odd man out. This week can be very stressful in the locker room.

I’ll have a new post next week cover Ghost month in Taiwan and some other random news. Thanks for all the support and comments. I really enjoy reading your feedback. Please leave comments and questions, so that I can include them in next weeks blog.


Till then have a great week and Go Lamigo!


  1. Zai

    加油阿~~ 我們不希望你走!!! 你一定要留下來…

  2. Ta-Yu Lin


    I’m one of the Lamigos’ fans who just found your blog. It’s an amazing blog!
    You’re a good pitcher, hope you will get back soon. At that time, we can hunt bulls, elephants(especially elephants), and lions down for a feast.

    Let’s go Lamigos

  3. Scot Drucker

    wow! you guys are AWESOME! I just posted this blog, and already have a ton of support….Thanks a lot! Lamigo will finish strong and goto the playoffs. We have a lot of talent.

  4. Dale


    I hope u could play well in the rest of the season, and stay here! Maybe Youman was very good in MLB, but u have proved urself in CPBL! So keep fighting!

  5. sky

    On the PTT Lamigo board have a lot of guys were support you, But we English are not good enough. Sometimes do not know how to express support you. Everyone is like you like your blog. We believe you can help LAMIGO win the Season Champion.
    go lamigo go Drucker!!!!

  6. Ting

    First , I want to say you’re really a fantastic guy!
    I heard many interesting things about you from Anchor or commentator
    You’re a great guy.Just focus on next pitch. I know you can do it
    Maybe pitch a perfect game as you goal . We all believe you.
    We sure you can help team Lamigo win the championship.
    one two three Scot , one two three Scot , come on Let’s go

  7. Danny Lai

    I hope you and Steve Hammond can continue staying both, that new pitcher should throw and just know the capability in the formal match
    You are a very good pitcher, the championship that you can get for lamigo that hope.

  8. Baelrog

    You pitched well! I think it’s just the defense behind you that’s bad. Ray went 5 R but 0 ER the other day, I was like “Oh, come on!”

    I heard Hammond is going to be a dad. In my perfect world, I hope that Hammond is just going to take the rest of the season off to spend time with his kid, then return next season. Youman will fill in the time Hammond is gone.

    Then Lamigo wins the season champion, gets the chance to play against Japen, Korea in the “Asian Professional Interleague Cup”. One of you guys get signed by a Japenese ballclub for more cash than Lamigo can offer, and what you guys deserve. Hammond comes back next season.

    Hope everything goes as I said. Fingers crossed.

  9. Drucker's fan

    I believe you can find the way to be better.
    Go Drucker.
    Lamigo and Drucker’s fans need you.
    Stay in Lamigo.

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