Back in Miami!

Been home for about 2 weeks now. Finally unpacked and my body clock is adjusted from the time zone difference. Waiting to see what my next move is. I will keep you all updated with winterball or if I sign on with a new team.


Thanks for following and reading the blog.

Have a great weekend!


  1. A Lamigo Fan

    Hi Scot, good to know you are now back and settled. Do keep us of whereabouts you are next.

    FYI – Steve Hammond was also released shortly after your departure but I think the new import is nowhere as good as either you and Hammond….the fate of Lamigo during the playoff doesn’t seem too bright.

  2. Pigfisher

    Hi Drucker
    Lamigo finally won the second half season champion in the last game of the season against the Elephants!!!
    Your contribution during the season also made this sucess
    We miss your interesting blogs, hope to see you soon

  3. Dove

    Hi Drucker
    Finally Lamigo Monkeys won the half season championship!! And the Taiwan Champion Series will start on 15/Oct vs Lions. We miss your good performance during the season and you helped Lamigo to hold the lead! Also you shared lots of fun and interesting opinions to fans via this blog. Thank you anyway, and good luck to you. Hope you can come back to Taiwan someday~

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