Pray for Wilson Ramos

Arriving back in Maracay at 3am after a sweep of Margarita usually has a nice feeling to it with players singing on the plane, telling jokes, and playing cards. This trip was a little different after hearing the startling news of the kidnapping of our teammate and friend Wilson Ramos. News traveled throughout the dugout in our second game in Margarita about the suspected kidnapping. It was a very tough situation for many players to hear this and focus on the game. Players stayed attached to their phones following the game to hear if there was any positive news. There has been similar situations in the past with other MLB stars, but never was the actual player taken. It was usually a family member.

We are all praying and hoping for a speedy and safe return of our teammate. He was in our dugout last week at home hanging out and sharing stories with us about the big leagues. We know that our team along with the Venezuelan police are doing everything they can to alleviate the situation. Many friends and family members asked me about the team and my safety. The team and front office staff goes over and beyond with team security. We have about 8-12 armed guards who travel with us on the planes and buses. We also have police escorts to and from the fields. I know the import players feel safe.

This has been a tough week for all of Venezuela, the fans, and of course the players and his family. Please pray for Wilson and his family. You can leave any thoughts or comments below.


  1. LisaC

    Heart breaking news to hear about Wilson Ramos. Such a sad situation. I can’t even imagine what his family or team mates are feeling.
    Thoughts and prayers going out to him and his family, friends and fans.

    Does MLB or players union get involved in these situations? Does anyone know the reason behind the abduction or is this a common thing in VZ?

    Once again, praying for Wilson and for all of you playing in VZ. Stay safe!

    • Scot Drucker

      Thanks for the support, not sure how MLB was involved with this situation. Im sure they attended to the matter and helped out. Usually the kidnapping are a strictly money thing.

  2. Pedro

    Hello, I like your blog. It was good to hear that Wilson was rescued sound and safe. I am a Tigres de Aragua’s fan from Valencia Venezuela. Keep the good job both in the game field and in your blog. BTW, are you learning some Spanish?

  3. juan carlos de abreu

    que tal Scot, me entere por la prensa de tu blog, y aunque no soy muy adepto a las redes sociales, quise aprovechar la oportunidad para felicitarte por tu trabajo con los Tigres, y para decirte que me parecen excelentes tus comentarios sobre tu experiencia en Venezuela. Necesitamos gente como tu en nuestro pais!! ya por aqui tienes un pana que que va a ligar tus triunfos siempre y cuando no lances contra el Magallanes! ya que soy magallanero, jeje. saludos y exitos!!!

  4. Matt

    Scot, has Rosario caught for you at all or have you worked with him with the Tigres? One of the Rockies familiar names out here, and finally noticed he was playing on your team.
    How’s your pitching? Boxscores don’t tell it all, it’d be great to hear from you on that.

  5. Scot Drucker

    I don’t think there is a Rosario on our big league team or parallela league. I might be mistaken though. Ive only thrown to Raul Chavez and Guillermo Rodriguez. Everything is going great! best winterball league by far. Thanks for reading the blog and posting your comments.

  6. Antonella Strazzeri

    Woah thanks to Twitter I found that you have a blog, I am Tigres de Aragua fan, I go like almost game I can, I am a 17 old girl and I enjoy the baseball sooo much! It’s like my adiction, I go always with a friend, we are veery fans. I really get happy we I readed all this stuff that you are posting, cause it’s great to hear a “gringo” hahaha saying all this great things about our country! So I am so glad that you are enjoying your stance here in Venezuela. I did laugh sooo hard when I read “Keep winning so I can enjoy watching the fans throw their beer in the air to celebrate.” because, I don’t know, that’s so funny that people throw up their beers, anyway, Thanks for being here, bye.

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