Venezuela wrap up

As the regular season comes to an end in Venezuela, so does my season here. I was not added to the playoff roster by the Tigres de Aragua. I will be headed home shortly this week. I would like to thank everyone involved with the Tigres especially the front office staff, Manuel and Rafael. They have been very grateful and have gone past expectations in making my stay in Venezuela extremely pleasurable.

Of course I want to thank my teammates and coaching staff for helping me and playing their hearts out behind me. This is a very special bunch of guys and I only wish them the best going forward in the playoffs. I loved playing with them, listening to them play tambour music, and just spending time with them sharing stories in the locker room.

Finally, I want to thank the fans. Every country I go to I see how much the fans adore and support their teams. Never have I seen so much support for their team as I have here in Venezuela. The fans love their team and their sport here. These three months of baseball here during the winter are like the Olympics to the fanaticos. They love the game and respect it. They want you to perform well each and every time. Their passion for the game is unexplainable. You need to see it in person to appreciate it. No video or picture can explain the excitement. Every game from the very first feels like the 7th game of the world series. It really was a treat to come here and play baseball and witness it in person.

I hope to come back next season and perform better. I know my statistics weren’t good this season, but I know I can perform here at a competitive level and get better.

This team has been through much adversity with the kidnapping of Wilson Ramos, to the death of a great player Rosman Garcia. I know they are strong willed and have the passion to win and push each other to win. Arriba Tigres!

Thanks also to all the teammates and security staff for calling me Willie Chirino’s all season. I loved it and laughed non stop trying to sing “Mediaa Negras” for you all.

Please leave comments, share the blog, and ask questions. Happy New Year!


  1. eduardo_navas

    Hey Bro… Good Words. Thanks por your work and all the things you give us these 3 month. Maracay is your home everytime you want to come back. I hope you come back next season… Get some rest and prepare to get better! Good trip back…

  2. Waleska

    Hi! My English isn’t the best, but I want to tell you thanks! For join the team and give us support and motivation .I’m sure you are to come back the next seasons and will do better .

  3. alex

    nice words, hope you come back soon, people like u are the ones that gives all their effort for the team, i know so becasue i have seen u not only when u pitch, all the time u tring to be a good teamate and having fun keeping all of tigres happy. take care willi chirinos, see you soon again, good luck in 2012

  4. Pedro

    Oh boy! I hope you come back next season. I will continue reading your blog anyway. I like the way you tell stories. Best Regards!

  5. Alfredo Escobar

    Thanks, It is good that you liked Venezuela, not everything is bad here. I hope you come back and you have your chance to show what you can do.

  6. Franxis. Tigrera in California

    Scot, I found your blog by mistake, but I am very glad that i did. I am Venezuelan, also I am a big fan of the best baseball team in Venezuela “Tigres de Aragua.”
    Reading your blog has filled me up with happiness. It is very delightful the way you describe Venezuela, especially my hometown Maracay, which is now yours too. I can tell from your posts you are a maracayero from the heart. hehe!! Thank you very much for playing part of the season with Los Trigres. It has been a tough one, but each experience gives our team a lesson to grow and become stronger. Your work and efforts have been appreciated by all Tigreros. I am very happy that you enjoyed your stay in Vzla, and that you now consider it as a your favorite place to play in the winter season. I hope our team gets once again the opportunity to have you back next season because with need awesome players like you. Sending you Venezuelan hugs and the best vibes.

    Una Tigrera in California.

  7. BH

    Good luck today with your workout with the scouts. I hope you sign today and can start preparing for spring training and next season. You are one of the good guys in baseball and I always enjoyed watching you pitch in Toledo.
    Your work in the community was outstanding and you were able to touch a lot of lives in a very positive way.
    Always enjoy your blog and new adventures. Please let us all know as soon as you sign so that we will be able to follow the next step in this journey.
    It would be nice for you to sign with the Twins; Holliman, Wise, Fein, and Ramirez are waiting for you in Ft. Myers !

  8. Oscar in Calgary

    Scot thanks for play with my Tigres, I’m 100% sure that you loved the jersey like everybody in the team and fans of Maracay! Good work and cheers from a Tigres fan in Calgary – Canada

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