Long overdue, so sorry. Hello Summer!

Hi guys,

Don’t think I have forgotten about writing. Its been a weird couple of months since my last entry. I am still retired from playing baseball. What also led me to this decision was my arm was “barking” again. I ended up having another shoulder surgery in April and I’m currently still rehabbing it. Although I don’t plan on playing again, you never know down the line and if I end up in the coaching world I would need to be able to throw BP. The doctor was very surprised I was even throwing with the results from my MRI. Not to make any excuses, but maybe that is why my control was so erratic in Venezuela this past Winter.

As I contemplated about my next step in my career I was approached by my agent who offered me a job within his sports agency. This was an amazing opportunity I could not pass up. It keeps me involved in the game and I think I can be beneficial to the company in helping recruit players and help the players with the experiences I have gone through in my career.

I hope everyone is doing well from all over the world. Enjoy the summer and I’ll do my best to get pictures up and more updates. Remember I always enjoy hearing from everyone. Feel free to leave any comments or questions.

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