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The minor league spring training schedule has been posted here. If you are in the Lakeland or surrounding areas we play against the Phillies, Braves, Houston, and the Nationals during our short stint here. All games are open to the public.

spring training 2011 Schedule

Best food places on the road are always Bar Louie or Chipotle in Columbus. Frickers or Grumpys in Toledo. Palominos or St Elmos in Indianapolis. Podestos sandwiches and In-n-Out in Stockton, California.

Favorite baseball movie is For Love of the Game. But in a close second is Mr Baseball or Major League.

The Hens will sure miss Larry Parrish this upcoming season. He was a great field general and was always fun to pick his brain. He had a ton of stories from his playing days. It was also fun to play golf with him on the road. I wish LP the best, and I’m very excited to play for Phil Nevin hopefully. I have only heard rave reviews of his style of play and the way he manages. All the guys in Erie loved his passion for the game.

I can’t really remember the oldest guys I’ve played with, but we have Timo Perez in camp with us this season if that gives you any hint of the age some of these guys are here.

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Camp has been going well. We had live BP with pitchers the past two days. Hitters are starting to get their timing back. There has been a good feeling around camp with the new regime. We are getting a lot of work done and going about it the right way. Very excited for 2011.

Go Tigers!

Turn your head and cough

So the first day of spring training is in the books. We had physicals a couple days ago which sometimes can be a drag, but this year they went pretty smoothly. Detroit does an amazing job with physicals. They cover ever part of our bodies including dental which is very nice to know that we are completely healthy prior to taking the field.

Today opened up with a 9:30am meeting outside with the entire minor league staff and front office. Mike Rojas and Kevin Bradshaw are leading the way for this years spring training. Pitchers and catchers are broken up into 4-5 groups. We covered bullpens, pick offs, bunt defense, and ground balls. Tomorrow is the dreaded running test. I say dreaded because no one enjoys being timed to do a 300 yard shuttle 3 times at 8am.

I’m very excited for the new regime here in Detroit. There are a ton of new faces for players as well as coaches. Wish me luck. As always thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

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Can you smell the fresh cut grass?

Spring training 2011 is upon us and I’m sure everyone is just as excited for another amazing baseball season as I am. This off season was not much of an off season because I was playing winterball all over Latin America. Although I think it did physically and mentally prepare me for this upcoming season. I have done all the work I needed in the gym and on the field and I’m ready to throw the pill.

I will be headed up to Lakeland, Florida by the end of this week to join the pitchers and catchers for the start of minor league camp. We have physicals Sunday morning and are full swing into bullpens and PFP on Monday.

Thanks for all the continued support and welcome all new twitter followers. Please use this blog to ask me questions and make comments. I plan to keep a blog once a week while at camp. I love the feedback and want to give back to the fans.

Don’t Drink the Water

    Almost 2 weeks in Mexico and I have already have eaten more tacos than I could ever imagine, but better than that is that I have thrown 9 times as many innings as I did in the Dominican Republic. Also within my time in Mexico the Tigers and I have come to agreements for next season. Detroit thank you for another opportunity.

    I have started two games down here to help the Augilas make a playoff push. Both outings started extremely well going for the first 3-4 innings. In both games I seemed to hit a wall in my last inning giving up a couple runs. I think it could be a mix of rustiness and stamina. No excuses though. I need to finish each inning strong as it could always be my last.

    This was my first road trip with the team. We had the option of taking a bus 13 hours to Navojoa, Sonora Mexico or flying. To the norm you would think to take the flight, but the flight left at 1am and had two layovers. The guys who flew ended up arriving at the hotel at the same time as the bus. The hotel was a best western type outside motel. Nothing too glamorous, but it did its job for the handful of hours we are in the room. Rule #14 in the hotel handbook was not to drink the water. I figured a hotel with Wi-Fi would have safe drinking water from the faucet. Guessed wrong.

    Unlike the US, over here we head over to the field fairly late. The bus rolls out of the hotel around 5:15 for a 7:30 “juego”. We get dressed in our hotel room and head over to the field in uniform like a high school team. The field in Navojoa had an overall good to fair stadium feel. The field was maintained well as were the grandstands. There were only about a couple hundred fans at each game. It was in the 50’s at night while we were there to give them a little slack. The stadium can hold about 6000-9000. The food in the stadium consists of tacos and nachos, of course. There was no “real” locker room. Although the bathroom looked very upgraded by having tile. Not sure who was the genius to put tile in a baseball locker room. Knock, knock baseball players where metal cleats. That’s a liability suit waiting to happen. Everyone kept their bags in the dugout, which made for a tricky way to make it to the field. There was a land-mine of bags everywhere. We took two out of three in the series against them. They are currently in last place and it would have been nice to have swept them.

    There has been a wealth of knowledge around the ballpark. Fernando Valenzuela is a character. Picking his brain in my small time here has been priceless. Although I haven’t been taught the screwball yet. Our other pitching coach is Ruben Niebla. He was in the big leagues coaching with the Cleveland Indians last year. His knowledge and energy for the game is amazing. I have been trying to get any competitive advantage I can get by learning from these minds of the game.

    We are currently on the bus headed to Hermosillo. They are in first place and this is a very important series for us going forward. We have a day off today (Xmas eve) and play a three game series with a double-header on Sunday. Happy Holidays to all! Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable Christmas.

Special thank you to Jason Beck for writing a great article. You can see it here

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Put your Dukes up and hold on for dear life

I have been in Mexico now for 5 days and have been a part of some very interesting situations. In my third game here we were playing Obregon and got into a heated argument with a player who stole a base late in the game up by 6 runs. There is an unwritten rule in baseball where that is frowned upon in many places. Our players did not take well to them doing this and an all out brawl took place on the field. Here are two different links from the footage.

TV feed

Fan Footage

Luckily I don’t believe anyone was seriously hurt, but for a moment it got extremely ugly. Fans were throwing beer and bottles onto the field. I was even surprised we were able to finish the game without any other issues.

Last night while I was sleeping I experienced my first earthquake. Reggie Abercrombie called my room around 3am and asked if I had heard something in the middle of the night. Being dead asleep I had no idea what he was talking about. But as I went to hang up the phone I heard the coffee pot come crashing down to the floor. The room was rumbling as the walls were too.

The culture down here is very pleasant. The players are very soft spoken and their spanish is much easier to understand than VZ or DR players. The food inside the stadium is amazing. After BP I always find myself roaming the grandstands to try something new from the vendors.  Fernando Valenzuela is one of our coaches, which is an amazing honor to be in the same dugout as him. I hope to pick his brain about anything with my time down here.

In the Mexican league they play two halves that split up the season. The playoffs also work off a point system dependent on how you finish each half. We are in the hunt to make the playoffs, but just need to win as many as we can down the stretch. Hopefully we can put ourselves in a seat to make a push and play into January.

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Viva La Mexico

tomorrow Im scheduled to leave for Mexico to join the Aguilas de Mexicali….Hopefully get some innings under my belt, help my cause for a jobby job, and help the team make a push for the playoffs…I will keep you updated once I arrive 

Winter Meetings in Sunny Florida.

Tomorrow I will be headed up North to Orlando to attend the Winter Meetings. This will be the 4th I have attended in the past 5 years. I had to skip out on Indy last year, due to the fact I was playing winter ball and that it was in Indianapolis (too cold). I’m excited to get to see club personnel and scouts I have made friends with. Also maybe I can get my free agent deal done. I mean whats all this talk about Jayson Werth and Cliff Lee. What am I chop liver? Just kidding.

I’ll be tweeting, taking photos, and videos to give you all an all access as to what goes on over there.

Sleepover in the parking lot, pop culture, and news

First of all Movember has come to an end. I want to thank everyone that donated and help spread the word. My team and I raised just about $4300. 100% of the money goes to charity. It was tough to pull off the mustache for an entire month. Living in Miami Beach and trying to get into a swank restaurant or bar can be difficult with a caterpillar on your upper lip. Some doorman stare at you and think you are a delivery man and need to use the back door.

As some of you may have heard via my twitter, former Tiger Alexis Gomez was in a serious car accident in the Dominican a couple days ago. He is having surgery and hopefully has a speedy recovery. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Alexis was my teammate in the Dominican for Licey as well. Click Here for the Story

Still waiting on news about other winter leagues and free agent signings. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, black friday, and cyber monday.

Random news

Thanks a lot to Ben Hill for writing a great article that landed on the front page of MILB Click Here

Miami Heat are making their own bar tab, but not in a good way   Click Here is currently down. We are possibly going to revamp it. I will keep you all posted.
Too bad we couldn’t have started “”, google is buying them for about 6 Billion.

I slept outside of a shoe store the other night to try to get a pair of the Nike 6.0 Delorean
This is what my off-season consists of. Buying rare shoes and keeping, trading, or selling them. Ebay is also my 9 to 5 job.

Who will be the next Miami Hurricanes coach? Who will be the next Miami Heat coach?

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Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

As the holidays are upon us, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Living in Aventura, Florida can be a nightmare during the holiday season. When people outside of Florida know the city I live in only because its “Amazing” mall you know I’m in trouble. From the snowbirds who come down to vacation, to the mall traffic, it is nearly impossible to leave my house to get anything done. I try to avoid the mall at all costs. The only way I end up there is if my mother calls me and tells me there is some crazy sale for me to pick her up some Keurig K Cups of coffee. Shes addicted to them.

The line at Best Buy has already started here for Black Friday. Are deals really that good this year to be waiting outside 4 days before the sale? Does anyone have any good black friday stories? I think I enjoy the Cyber monday deals better, no lines and no sales tax.

Please check out the article Ben Hill wrote about me Ben Hill’s MILB Article

Thanks a lot for the support and have a happy thanksgiving

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Adios DR, Bienvenido a Miami

Well my time in the Dominican was a short one. I only ended up throwing 1.1 innings down there. Our team started to struggle early and there was a lot of pressure from the brass up top, so they were going with their local guys they have had in the past. There were no hard feelings at all, just being in the right place at the wrong time. I need to get out and pitch to show teams what I can do for next season. Our manager Dave Clarke understood where I was coming from and wished me the best. Now that free agency has started I’m trying to get a job, just as most of my friends are as well.

Licey was a great experience and I loved it down there. I hope to go back to the DR to play again in the future. For now there is a chance I may head to Venezuela shortly to play down there. I will keep you all posted via twitter and my blog about those details.

Not much going on in Miami right now. Just staying in shape by going to the gym and working out at local high schools and colleges. Remember it is Movember. Im growing out a mustache along with many other friends and followers to help support cancer that affects men. I may look like a pedophile for a month but all the money raised goes to a great cause. Here is the link to join our team or to make a donation Movember. You can follow the progress of my molest-ache too there. Any donation goes a long way. Thank you for your support.

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