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Licey Feliz Cumpleaos

This past week has been like deja vu from the mudhens season. Of course in Toledo without the the rice and beans, vuvuzuelas, and taxis running on propane gas tanks. The Licey Tigres have lost 6 consecutive games. In Toledo this past season we lost 11 in a row. And at that time we were one short of getting Larry Parrish his win to make him the winningest manager in Mudhens history. We need to change this losing streak real quick or some of us are going to be out of a winterball job.

Licey celebrated its 103 birthday today at the field. Like I have said in previous tweets/blog posts, this organization has a lot of history. There is a book going around the clubhouse this week that looks like a text book from my college psychology class. The book is HUGE! It has all the history of the Licey ball club. It contains records, stats, pictures and all the players that have played and managed here.

Here is a picture of the cake prior to the game Sunday.

Movember is here!

So my friends and I for the past two years have joined the website Movember.com to raise money and awareness for cancer that affects men around the world. Along with donating to charity we all grow intricate mustaches for the month. We update photos online and share amongst friends via facebook and twitter.

Please join our team or donate here Scotty D’s Mustache Team. Any help is greatly appreciated and it all goes towards charity. You can also start up your own group and have friends and family join.

Day 4 of Movember

Licey is now 5-6. We have been pressing a little to get on a winning streak. Its still very early in the season, but its nice to win a lot of games in the beginning to lock down a playoff spot. Four of the six teams make the playoffs after the fifty game season. The four teams then play a round robin to go to the championship.

Here are some pictures from inside the clubhouse. As you can see they take pride in their accomplishments and gives you the feel of a Yankees type franchise they have here.




Nunca iniciar un juego en el tiempo

After four games in the DR, the Licey Tigers are 3-1. We have had solid pitching and hitting so far. Of the four games we have played, guess how many started on time? NONE! And I’m not saying late by five or ten minutes. We did have two opening days so I’ll give that the benefit of the doubt, but yesterday we had a delay for four helicopters to land on the field which had our cheerleaders and mascot in them. I just feel for the starting pitcher, because they really never know when the game is going to start.

The fields here are pretty nice. The grandstands in most of the stadiums are large and can hold anywhere from 10,000-18,000 people. The fans here love and respect the game so much. They go ecstatic throughout the game waving flags and blowing horns and vuvuzelas nonstop. If we hit a home-run or a player moves a guy over with less than two outs we hear the same loud ovation. The fans have a cheer “Licey Campeon” which I have found myself singing to it in the bullpen because it is catchy. 

We have cheerleaders who were imported from Columbia to entertain the fans and players in the dugout in between innings. These are the cheerleaders for Casper Wells’ team Escogido. No offense to my Florida Marlins, but these beat the Manatee dancers. 


Tonight we are home against the Gigantes of Cibao. Robert Collelo (Red Sox) is on the bump. We then have three straight games on the road. BTW, we do not celebrate Halloween down here.

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Settled into the DR, Opening day 2 days away

So I arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on Saturday afternoon. I was supposed to be picked up by a driver, but as I walked down “rock star row” where everyone holds up names to pick you up, I did not see my name. I ended up taking a cab for about RD$1500 ($40 US). As I drove to the hotel which was about 25 minutes away I witnessed a beautiful beach with clear blue water to the left and very impoverished shanties and businesses to the right.

Being here just a week makes you realize how much you have very quickly and how you can take the little things in life for granted. The traffic here is absolutely crazy. Everyone makes their own lanes and make left hand turns from the right lanes to just name an example. There are many motorcycles and scooters. We have seen as many as three people on one motorcycle. While stuck in traffic locals try to sell bottled water, cell phone cases and chargers, toys for kids, and will squeegee your windows. Everyone is trying to make some money to support themselves or their family.

The language barrier is a little tough for where we are located. We stay in the heart of downtown and are not on a resort or near any type of beach. Of all of the imports I probably speak the best Spanish which isn’t even that great. Hopefully I can learn some more while I’m here.

This past week we went out to Boca Chica to have some practices. This is were the White Sox and Cubs have their Dominican academies. It was great to see and experience where these guys train and go to school.

Today we played a Cuban team which all defected to the DR. I threw an inning which went well. We open up Friday night at home against Escogido. Casper Wells and Ruddy Lugo play for them.

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Goodbye Venezuela, hello Dominican Republic

After an interesting week of playing cat and mouse with my agent, Venezuelan scouts, and myself, I find myself going to the Dominican Republic of all places. I have no idea how this magic eight ball landed me there, but I am extremely excited to play for the Licey Tigers. They are the most well known team in the Capital and have won tons of championships.

As of right now, I am flying out of Miami on Saturday October 16th to the DR. We have a couple of scrimmages and the season opens up next Friday. I hope to add videos and pictures of my journey. I was told I will have internet access so I will be able to keep up the blog.

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